Workspace and Craft Room Rehab: Embellishments

This was most definitely the lesson that was needed in my craft space and also the one I was most looking forward to. I love, love , love me some embellishing and getting to paw through my collection of pretty things is pretty darn close to heaven in my world. Making them organized and accessible – oh yeah, lets start singing the Hallelujah Chorus! I really love how Carson broke down this section – Alphabets & Chipboard first, onto Stickers & Ephemera second, Washi & Wood Veneer third, then all the other bits and bobs. Embellishments are such an eclectic mix of supplies that you’d be hard pressed to be able to list them in all their various forms. For a lot of crafters those middle four certainly seem to be the ones that are in large supply in most crafting spaces these days and depending on the amount of time you’ve been crafting, you may also have quite a number of supplies that are no longer in vogue… ahem, eyelets and brads anyone…20170125_1workspaceandcraftroomrehab_embellishments I may have been a little on the eager side to break into the Embellishments. Alphas were a great way to warm up before Stickers and Ephemera. I knew I’d bought some assorted alpha packs years ago at a cheap $2 Shop and it was about time a bunch of those got moved along. They must have been misprints or ill-aligned prints/cuts which didn’t bother me all those years ago but now they just needed to go. I also find when alphabets are a bunch of different colours they are so, so  hard to use, at least six sets of rainbow Alphas didn’t make the cut. They always seem to make words where you use two or three of the colours and not in a pretty alternating way, but in an odd way and it just always ends up looking weird to me. I picked a few sets that are pretty much used up but that I still love which I’m going to challenge myself to use on upcoming projects or else they’ll get binned and four sets whose fonts seem a little dated to me got moved out of my general stash and into my Epic Exchange Album kit to be used with some of the older product already in use there. As far as chipboard goes I really only have 12×12 sets aside from a  handful of loose generic shapes and the 12×12 chipboard lives on my paper rack so those were assessed during my paper purge which meant I pretty much skipped over that portion. So it was onto my favourite crafty supplies for a freshen up.20170125_2workspaceandcraftroomrehab_embellishments 20170125_3workspaceandcraftroomrehab_embellishmentsI will admit that I am a bit of a sticker freak, none of the featured crafters in this portion of the class seem to have quite the same size sticker-stash as mine but I’m pretty sure just judging from some of the comments that there are other crafters doing the class that have a fair few more stickers (or other crafty supplies) than I do. In any case the tips and info given in the entirety of the class are pretty handy for coming up with solutions to tackle your own unique set of circumstances. Carson chooses to identify her stickers as either alpha stickers (as opposed to Thicker type materials) and image stickers and that works for her size stash. I on the other hand do not differentiate between materials used for Alphas and lump them all together as one (sticker, Thicker, rub-on etc) having purged and organized those in the last decluttering round. My image stickers on the other hand are sorted by theme and stored across three binders. I think this has a lot to do with the focus of our crafting efforts too. I am purely a 12×12 story focused, stash diving scrapper, she is an eclectic crafter who’s efforts run the gamut of cards, Project Life, layouts, mini’s & more. Sticker’s and Ephemera are my go-tos. Where as she (just from my gallery gazing) seems to work more with stamps, pocket albums and Studio Calico kits. Given the variety of sizes and themes of stickers I find binders and page protectors keep them corralled, view-able and easily accessible so I can identify the stickers I want to enhance or tell my story. Carson tends to have more similarly sized sticker sheets (probably from kit clubs) and given the smaller quantity can flick through in a matter of minutes to decide on what’s right for her particular project. So how’d I go decluttering? Well I’m pretty pleased with the amount of stickers I have on their way out of here. After my initial decision making efforts I was left with four different piles. Stickers that I either need to use or lose, stickers to pass on to my soon-to-be crafty friend, stickers to donate to my church and then stickers to go to the kids (in other words the ones that were as good as thrown out because they were about to be used up on art projects, the furniture and the inhabitants of our house in a matter of minutes). My binders seem thinner and that’s a plus but oh how I want to use them up. I have so many stickers that I could tell stories from and wrote a quick note on the back of some for later reference. They just spark all sorts of ideas for me and there are stories of my childhood, stories about my kids and so, so many others that were sparked just by going through them all.20170125_4workspaceandcraftroomrehab_embellishments20170125_5workspaceandcraftroomrehab_embellishments20170125_6workspaceandcraftroomrehab_embellishments As I said above the concepts for organization in this class can carry over from supply to supply, case in point my new method for organizing ephemera is taken directly from an idea shared for acrylic stamp storage in the previous portion of the class Craft Room Rehab: Stamps and Inks. Rianne Alonte, one of Carsons crafty contributors to the class, uses Avery Elle storage pockets for all of her acrylic stamps, while this may not be a new idea she further identifies them with washi tape and labels to denote brand and collection/stamp name. I thought it was genius, it makes my little organizational heart happy. I had already considered before class started that a more uniform Ephemera/Die-cut storage system was necessary and that Avery Elle pockets may just fit the bill but I am yet to order some. So for the moment I just went with what I had on hand and used some ziplock bags to coral my diecuts and organized them by brand using Rianne’s clever washi idea then added the names using my trusty labelmaker. It looks and works so much better already. It is beyond easy to find the exact set of ephemera/die-cuts that I want and get them on my layouts. I suppose I’ve kinda cheated on this one. I did remove a few excess ephemera pieces during my clean up but the majority of the ones shown were separated out to be used for happy mail and other things of that nature when I bought the packets. I’ve got into the habit of removing die-cuts I don’t like/don’t suit my style upon opening a new pack just so I don’t have to look at them every single time I want to find a die-cut.20170125_7workspaceandcraftroomrehab_embellishments20170125_8workspaceandcraftroomrehab_embellishments20170125_9workspaceandcraftroomrehab_embellishmentsWashi and Wood Venner were certainly the easiest supplies to cover for me. Washi tape is not really a big supply issue I have about 30 odd in total, all sweetly arranged in an apothecary jar right in front of my cutting mat and I love the mix of colours, and just like ephemera pieces they make me inspired and happy just looking at them. I removed five sets and in what is fast becoming a trend around here the kids ran off with at least one roll before I could say “But wait…”. As far as Wood Venner I still don’t own a single piece so instead I chose to peruse my collection of metal charms/embellishments instead however I didn’t feel the need to remove anything from there at this point in time. It feels so good to have parts of my stash like that, that are only filled with things I know I love and will use on layouts, now if only my entire craft room could stay like that, it would be wonderful.20170125_10workspaceandcraftroomrehab_embellishments 20170125_11workspaceandcraftroomrehab_embellishmentsAnd finally we got to the what the Marie Kondo of Scrapbooking might call Komono. All that miscellaneous other stuff that we amass, the bits and bobs, the extras. For me this includes things like enamel dots, frames, rub-ons, assorted one-off paper embellishments, paper fasteners (like shaped paperclips or those little metal tear drop things), sequins, doilies, flowers, twine and of course my collection of brads, eyelets and ribbon. Not a lot went from here either. Two orange doilies and a couple of packs of sequins was about the extent of it. Perhaps I am burning out a little on the decluttering or maybe I really do just like all this stuff. But for the moment I am happy with the level of decluttering that’s gone on around here and the amount of supplies that have been moved on to other places.20170125_12workspaceandcraftroomrehab_embellishments20170125_13workspaceandcraftroomrehab_embellishmentsGrouping my decluttering efforts by type rather than location like I did in my last decluttering effort in 2015 has really made it clear that I have quite the abundance of different spots where I house things of the same category and none more so than my collective haul of embellishments. They live in binders, drawers, baskets, jars, and even a lantern. Certainly it works for the way I craft and think of supplies but I have found myself jumping all over my craft room to work on this set of supplies or that set none of which seem quite as neglected as my paper/flat embellishments drawer. It’s where I house all the odd sorts of things that are one-offs or in limited supply and I rarely think to use them. The most used would be my supply of doilies but even my rub-ons are massively neglected when it comes to being the selected embellishment.20170125_14workspaceandcraftroomrehab_embellishments20170125_15workspaceandcraftroomrehab_embellishmentsWhile Carson has hinted that the next installment will cover tools (including dies, punches, adhesives, embossing supplies, along with others). I can only hazard a guess as to what else may be covered in the class in the future. She may have a portion on Mixed Media and while I have already covered my ‘wet media’ I neglected to think about my mixed media tools like stencils and masks, paintbrushes, mats etc. so I’ll add those in to the next section too. I’m not sure how many sessions of Craft Room Rehab will be made available in the end but I have determined that as far as I’m concerned other topics that may come up or that I need to cover are Resources, ie magazines & idea books, printed class materials. Kits, because I don’t subscribe to any kit clubs these will be the ones I’ve created for myself. Albums and Mini book supplies, including page protectors, binding materials, construction materials. Planner supplies, a lot of which have been covered in other sections but I wouldn’t mind creating a designated spot to house items I specifically want to use in my Memory Planner like particular stamps, stickers or washi rolls, even if it’s just as much a pencil case or something. Photos, Memorabilia and Other crafting (sewing, cross-stitch, knitting or whatever your side crafting hobby/hobbies are) however I suspect I will need at least another month to sort through a lot of that so some won’t be tackled in this round or crafty decluttering in January.




Workspace and Craft Room Rehab: Technique Types

Let’s do this, another batch of scrappy stuff to go through and sort, purge and organize. Today I’m lumping all the Technique type supplies together Stamps, Inks and Mixed Media supplies. These are the things I tend to use infrequently or in spurts of creativity, not necessarily the things I reach for on an every-day/every-layout basis. In Craft Room Rehab: Stamps and Inks which I’m using as my guide for the purging part of redoing my Workspace my technique stash is probably what Carson would consider as a small stash (30 sets or less). My stamping supplies took about half an hour to sort through – for everything – and my technique/mixed media box even less. So yeah it’s on the small side.20170123_1workspaceandcraftroomrehab_techniquetypes 20170123_2workspaceandcraftroomrehab_techniquetypesI keep my everyday collection of clear stamps in an A5 Binder and use Kaisercraft Ziplock storage pockets to keep them in. The binder was just one I found floating around the house and the pockets were clearanced somewhere years ago, so it’s a pretty economical storage solution. It’s pretty much at capacity but the acquisition of a Heidi Swapp background stamp in my last purchase meant that I needed to ‘swap’ out another stamp to make room for it. The only one that wasn’t working for me was this butterfly and flower set. It’s not a quality stamp set and to be honest I don’t really like it anymore. I did however cut out the large butterfly that was on it because it’s probably the only image I will use in future. I also discovered I had an extra stamp set from the Kaisercraft Chartuese Collection so I’m passing that on along too. In addition I have another five Christmas sets that just permanently move from December Daily kit to December Daily kit so it might be an idea to find a more permanent home for them in the future, but I’m okay with how they are for now. 20170123_3workspaceandcraftroomrehab_techniquetypes 20170123_4workspaceandcraftroomrehab_techniquetypesThe rest of my stamp collection lives in some photo boxes and for the amount of times I use these things most all of them could be moved along (except for the ones on the acrylic blocks which I made myself, I’d totally keep them for sentimental reasons) but I figure in the grand scheme of things, the box isn’t needed for anything else right now so they can stay. It’s a bit of a hodge-podge of foam stamps, rubber stamps and wood-mounted stamps. I also have a set of Making Memories Foam stamps and a Typo DIY stamp kit that are stored with my acrylic blocks in their packages. I’ve probably used the Making Memories set the most of all of them but I am yet to settle on a design and carve my stamps from the Typo kit. I took out seven stamps that were never going to see the light of day and passed them on to the kids who promptly got stamping with them and the ink pads I discarded as well so they’re already getting more use than I ever gave them. 20170123_5workspaceandcraftroomrehab_techniquetypes 20170123_6workspaceandcraftroomrehab_techniquetypesNext in line was all my ink pads and stamping equipment. My Ink pads got a bit of a tidy up and I threw out a dodgy black ink pad that never created a clean image for me along with giving the kids three others, cheap ink pads all of them, so it would seem I’m becoming a bit of a stamping snob now that I’m buying Stayz On inks (ha). Of my stamping equipment two acrylic blocks didn’t make the cut because I had three of the same size. But they’ll work nicely being passed on to my new scrappy recruit with those stamp sets. I also have my most used inks in the Kaisercraft desk unit – a black Versafine and a Moonlight White Dew Drop ink with some little planner stamps and acrylic blocks, that I use for noting down tasks and marking off goals. 20170123_9workspaceandcraftroomrehab_techniquetypes20170123_10workspaceandcraftroomrehab_techniquetypesWhen it comes to mixed media I didn’t get rid of much here either, a dried up tube of red paint and a green paint pen got thrown out, a bottle of orange puffy paint, some clay tools I had to buy for uni and never used and some metallic media for using with dry embossed images got passed along. I would have given the kids a large bottle of blue paint too until I realized I didn’t have any small tubes of blue paint. But as soon as I restock it’ll move on out too. The only things in my accumulation of stampy stuff that saw no change were my roller stamps and my alphabet stamps. I have a total of six roller stamps and four of those are the handy October Afternoon Daily Flash Decade stamps which I use for dating all my layouts. In the Alpha stamp department, there’s three that are ear-marked for a future purge but that I do use on occasion for my Exchange Album as a matter of continuity and like my random stamps, their presence in my scrappy stuff isn’t a problem cos they don’t take up much room and I don’t need the space for anything new.20170123_7workspaceandcraftroomrehab_techniquetypes 20170123_8workspaceandcraftroomrehab_techniquetypesIt was nice to have a bit of a breather with some easy stamping discards after all the paper purging/decision-making I did in the earlier class, in fact this blog post took longer to write and edit than it took me to go through all of these supplies but next up is Craft Room Rehab: Embellishments which will certainly take a chunk of time. So I’m steeling myself for another round of purging, processing and then I might reward myself with a bit of playing with some of my rediscovered crafty stuff before I move on to any more decluttering efforts.



Workspace and Craft Room Rehab: Joining Forces

Now it’s time to really sink our teeth in to my whole reason for participating in Workspace – the purging process. I know what I have, I know how I currently create in this space and I have my idea of my ideal crafting environment firmly front-of-mind. So let’s get into this…But wait where do I start? Marcy has a great overview of the pairing down & categorizing process and if you’re a seasoned declutterer and all you need is a bit of a nudge to get you going, by all means the next couple of portions of the class has some great ideas but unfortunately this is kind of where I think the Workspace workshop falls short for me. I know this isn’t my first craft room refresh and I’m already fairly familiar with the sort of supplies I use and have at my disposal but for this round I want to do what Marcy classes as a ‘Deep Purge’ and go through everything versus what she calls a ‘Maintenance Purge’ which is basically just making sure this part or that part is still working for you. And for that I really want to see some examples of other crafty organizing, I love nothing more than seeing other people’s spaces. How they organize specific items, the amount of stuff they have and hearing about their little tips and tricks. Sure we may not work the same, but guaranteed I’m going to pick up on a little thing here or there that I can implement in my own space. Luckily for me Big Picture Classes has recently announced the next installment of a complimentary class to Workspace that really gets into all that nitty-gritty stuff I love to peruse. Craft Room Rehab, with teacher Carson Riutta, takes you through category by category with some great ideas from Carson herself and three of her fellow crafty pals to give you a look into a bunch of different spaces, supplies and a bunch of ways to sort, store and organize them. Now I will say the class is still being released and only the first three portions are currently available Craft Room Rehab: Paper; Craft Room Rehab: Stamps & Inks; and the latest one (which just got released Monday and the one I’m most excited for) Craft Room Rehab: Embellishments. Especially if you have a large stash and a lot of supplies Carson’s approach will be extra helpful. So for the rest of my decluttering I’m pairing the wisdom of Workspace with the comprehensive coverage of Craft Room Rehab.

20170120_1workspaceandcraftroomrehab_joiningforces20170120_2workspaceandcraftroomrehab_joiningforces It’s the back bone of our scrappy existence and the first supply to be tackled in Craft Room Rehab our beloved paper stash. In the top photo above is my entire collection of 12×12 papers which were mostly stored on a set of stacking wire trays. Marcy reiterated in her Pairing Down portion of Workspace the common organizational advice that it’s great to empty your entire room when doing a big purge but just like her I concluded that “manageable chunks” was the way to go for me. I started my paper purge by grabbing every single piece or 12×12 paper I had and going through it. Gathering them from all the random spots they had been stowed, most of it was in the rack but I had a pack of black cardstock stuck in near my binder and boxes for collections here there and everywhere all over the room. From cardstock to lose patterned paper, paper pads to collection kits I went through every single one and managed to remove an inch and a half stack of papers that aren’t to my taste anymore or never were my style in the first place – mostly from paper pads. I chose not to go through things I’d kitted up for specific projects at this point because I’ll tackle them as their own sub-section of supplies. In the end I was able to whittle down my papers so that all of my collection kits could be stored on the wire rack including my abundance of Crate Paper goodies which were previously just floating around in a box together. I even had two whole shelves left over and finally, finally had somewhere to put my A4 papers which continually frustrate me because they have never had a proper home the entire time I’ve used this space. So that was a big win to get this purging thing off to a great start. 20170120_5workspaceandcraftroomrehab_joiningforces20170120_6workspaceandcraftroomrehab_joiningforcesThen I braved my Project Life cards. They were part of the original impetus for this round of craft room refreshing. I wanted to consolidate the large collection of PL boxes into a smaller system so that I could free up a draw for my new photography equipment. Honestly I didn’t think I had quite as many as a do. This one was a bit of a shock to the system. For someone who doesn’t do pocket scrapping I sure have amassed a collection. I blame Heidi… I actually own two core kits, six mini kits, five value kits and a handful of other pocket scrapping things like packs from the Reject Shop, and cut-aparts. Ideally I would love to use Marcy and Shanna’s idea of a pretty vintage crate but for now I stole a tip from Adele (aka Inkie Quill) to use cotton-bud containers to coral them and they fit just perfectly into the space I have. The first two containers hold my core kits which you’ve seen me use for staff gifts. The third one is my collection of value kits, it’s pretty much all Heidi Swapp, except for a DIY Shop Value Kit. The last container is all of the rest, I also have two full kits still in their boxes for future projects. A Wellington Childhood Edition Mini Kit to jot down either my own or my kid’s school memories and an extra Maggie Holmes kit. Not shown are two other Maggie Holmes kits that are stored with my Crate Paper embellishments because I tend to use them exclusively with all my Crate Paper goodies, sometimes as cards but more often cut up and used as extra embellishments. In the end I only got rid of two cards from one of my Reject Shop card sets and all the kraft cards from the Heidi Swapp Kraft and Foil value kit. It’s not a colour I use, and I may yet get rid of the watercolour ones too but we’ll see. I only bought it I wanted the foiled-acetate numbers for a future December Daily and it was super cheap. I like that my little collection now takes up less room and I have a draw for all that lovely photography stuff and it also gave me the idea to maybe prep a few albums for future staff gifts which would free up further space.20170120_3workspaceandcraftroomrehab_joiningforces20170120_4workspaceandcraftroomrehab_joiningforcesNext up was going through my smaller papers, both paper pads and scraps. The paper pads took all of five seconds because I really don’t have a bunch of those but I did end up removing two 8×8 paper pads (the kids ran off with one before I could photograph it) and a handful of 6×6 papers that are patterns I just don’t think I’ll ever use. My scraps on the other hand are kinda out of control I don’t think I’ve ever really gone through my scraps in my entire 15 years of scrapping, a piece here a piece there, maybe on a whim I’d get fed up with a colour or two and purge one A4 sleeve ( I keep them colour coded in two binders on my buffet). This time I went through every colour and got rid of all the obvious scraps, straight into the recycling. After all that paper purging though I was sorta over it, so I’m calling it done for now. I’m really only considering this a first pass on the scraps I’ll go back and do it again because there is sure to be more I can part with.20170120_7workspaceandcraftroomrehab_joiningforces20170120_8workspaceandcraftroomrehab_joiningforcesI also went through and grabbed anything that was in my Use It or Loose It box from the last purge I did and set them straight in the pile of giveaway papers, it is really my version of a ‘Maybe’ pile and since I haven’t ‘Used it’, it’s now time to Loose It, this time I haven’t kept any maybe’s. So yay for progress! Like I said in my original Workspace post I’ve been showing someone some of my scrappy endeavors because they expressed an interest in getting into scrapbooking. So I will probably be passing on my purged supplies to her.20170120_9workspaceandcraftroomrehab_joiningforcesMy scraproom is already feeling lighter and more organized and I am so excited to have all my 12×12 papers, especially my collections, so neatly ordered and ready for more crafting in the future. I always love this part in the decluttering process where everything has a place again and everything is in its place and now it’s time to move on to the next portion of Craftroom Rehab to tackle another group of supplies.








Epic Craftermath

One of my goals for 2015 is to do a whole-house declutter. Each month I have designated a room to tackle. January meant cleaning up the Storage Room, February was all about the Office and for March, well it’s time to meet the Scraproom head on. And it’s pretty safe to say my Scraproom is in need of an intervention. I have piles stacked upon piles and narry a spot to actually craft a layout. Oh my goodness this is going to take some cleaning up. Seriously how have I let things get this bad?20150304_1EpicCraftermathSo far though my decluttering process is one for one. January didn’t start off too bad but February was an abject failure for the office (I did declutter the boys room however). But because I was unwell I just couldn’t face the amount of work the office required it’s also part of what I am laying the blame on for why ‘yea ol’ Scraproom’ is in such a state. I just haven’t had the energy to deal with it. Now that I’m feeling a bit more sprightly I’m so ready to tackle this mess head on. Thankfully due to the great Declutter of 2013 it’s mostly just a matter of putting things where they belong. While it may not look like it now, most of this stuff does have a home to go to except for those couple of boxes down there next to my chair.

20150304_2EpicCraftermathMy main problem is that looking at all of this is somewhat overwhelming and actually stopping me from wanting to craft – and that simply will not do. My goals for the space are to first deal with the accumulated mess and then add some cosmetic upgrades that this room has been crying out for like curtains and recovering my storage boxes. I will be using many of the skills I learned in Organizing FUNdametals to get this lot under control, meanwhile reassessing whether my current way of organization is actually working for me or not. So here’s my plan of attack:


1. Get rid of the obvious rubbish (already started on that one see ->)

2. Re-home things that simply do not belong in this room.

3. Dump & Purge (whoops look like the dumping part has already happened)

4. Sort like items with like items

5. Asses containers and placement of supplies and adjust if necessary

6. Make cosmetic upgrades

It will be wonderful to move ahead with this space feeling fresh and clean and get some serious scrapping under my belt. Since the weather is already starting to cool off a little here in Tassie, the part I’m most looking forward to is having those curtains up and pretty in time for Winter. The Scraproom is one of the worst offenders when it comes to chill-factor in the cooler months.20150304_4EpicCraftermathSince this is also the first post for March it’s time to update you on my Scrap 365 goal for the month of February. All in all I completed a measly 5 layouts. Total bummer. But as part of my it all counts mentality with this, that takes the count to 43 layouts for the year so far. Slow progress but progress none-the-less and hopefully with a reinvigorated space March will see me churning them out like nobody’s business.

What are your crafty goals for March, got a disaster zone like me or any tips you’d like to share, feel free to leave a comment below.

Talk About Happy Mail!

I am totally freaking out! I can’t believe it, you know how I did that thing that scared the crap out of me, well guess what it paid-off! My hubby came home with a lovely little surprise in the mail yesterday. It was a copy of the latest issue of Scrapbooking Memories, which could only mean one thing…20150115_1TalkAboutHappyMailI’VE BEEN PUBLISHED!!!!!!!!!

Cue happy dancing, hollering’s of Woo Hoo and crazy jumping! (yep I was just a little bit excited…) Since my subscription has lapsed I knew that the only reason for there to be lovely little magazine in the mail was because I’d earned an Honourable Mention for one of my Scrapbooking Memories Masters entries. I was so busy doing my crazy happy dance and far too excited for it to be reasonable, that I even let hubby break it open and go looking for my submission first. Really it didn’t make any difference what got in there just that ‘something’ did.

This is the very first time I’ve submitted anything for publication – ever. So I’m standing by my completely over-the-top reaction. 14 years, god only knows how many layouts, an incredibly huge passion for this amazing hobby and conquering fears like a boss, that is what this is all about. Can I just say – I am so proud of myself, you have no idea what a big deal this is. I have thought so many times about submitting and so many, many times I have talked myself out of it. So many times I’ve been too chicken. But it gets better…

The category that my work was recognized in, was for Task Four – the Art Journaling cover. I have never art journaled before either, this was my very first attempt. Take a look around this blog and you’ll find the odd technique or two but I’m not exactly known for my mixed media work, which is what I think of when I think Art Journaling. I love the work of artists like Julie Fei-fan Balzer, and May Flaum (who coincidentally has an art journaling class coming up very soon) but my personal style is far more linear and contained. so this task was by far the furthest out of my comfort zone.20150115_2TalkAboutHappyMailI chose to use it as an excuse to get a (very) early start on my One Little Word album for 2015 which is why I’ve been holding out on you and not shared what it is yet but since I can only show you a little sneaky-peaky of my Art Journal cover until the publication period is up you’ll just have to guess what direction I’m taking with this one. Of course if you’re really curious you can always go check it out in the magazine, just head on over to page 92 to see the cover I made.

I am so Crazy-Happy right now. This is totally a dream come true. I think I’ll be happy dancing for days. Woo Hoo!

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner!

Talk about starting the year of right! If you’ve taken a little look-see around my blog for any amount of time your sure to know/figure out that I’m a bit of a fan of Big Picture Classes and all things Heidi Swapp, especially those of the sparkly, glittery persuasion. You also know I have a thing for planning and (duh) memory keeping; because well planning = fun, right. And memory keeping = Mega Fun! So when they announced that Heidi was going to be running a class called Capture30 – 30 Day’s of creativity, joy, gratitude and glitter, I so wanted to be there. Unfortunately for me, the budget did not extend that far with Christmas happening, so I just put it down to one of those things that might not be or at least might have to wait til later.

20150102_4WinnerWinnerChickenDinnerEnter the awesome and uber talented Jamie Pate, who along with Heidi and other lovely ladies on the HS Media team had giveaways going on Instagram. Like a lot of people out there I am forever entering Instagram giveaways and hoping to, but never expecting that anything will come of it. Well pop the champagne, and cover me in some Marquee Love Teal Glitter I won! A million thanks Jamie!  Talk about joy and gratitude. I’m thrilled to take part in the class and so grateful that you picked me. I totally want to give a shout out to Jamie and send some love her way so why don’t you go check out her blog and Instagram for some amazing inspiration, she’s sharing her 2014 Memory Planner right now if you need a little encouragement for Capture 30 or your own memory keeping for the coming year.20150102_2WinnerWinnerChickenDinnerI was so excited to dive right in that I pulled together this little layout from the Day 1 prompts. Not that, that’s a requirement of the class or anything. I was just so excited that I had to bring some of that creativity and not to mention glitter into the mix to get some sparkle and fizz in the start of my 2015 memory keeping. You can bet I broke out the Heidi for this one.20150102_1WinnerWinnerChickenDinner  And while we’re on the subject if your looking for someone new to follow on Instagram who also has a bit of a weakness for some Heidi Swapp stuff (like this here or here), be sure to check out virtuous1g for some planner style inspiration. Along with the HS media team Lindsay, Jennifer, Kim, Maggie, and of course Jamie and Heidi herself.

20150102_3WinnerWinnerChickenDinnerCheers to a wonderful New Year! How’s 2015 started off for you?