Workspace and Craft Room Rehab: Technique Types

Let’s do this, another batch of scrappy stuff to go through and sort, purge and organize. Today I’m lumping all the Technique type supplies together Stamps, Inks and Mixed Media supplies. These are the things I tend to use infrequently or in spurts of creativity, not necessarily the things I reach for on an every-day/every-layout basis. In Craft Room Rehab: Stamps and Inks which I’m using as my guide for the purging part of redoing my Workspace my technique stash is probably what Carson would consider as a small stash (30 sets or less). My stamping supplies took about half an hour to sort through – for everything – and my technique/mixed media box even less. So yeah it’s on the small side.20170123_1workspaceandcraftroomrehab_techniquetypes 20170123_2workspaceandcraftroomrehab_techniquetypesI keep my everyday collection of clear stamps in an A5 Binder and use Kaisercraft Ziplock storage pockets to keep them in. The binder was just one I found floating around the house and the pockets were clearanced somewhere years ago, so it’s a pretty economical storage solution. It’s pretty much at capacity but the acquisition of a Heidi Swapp background stamp in my last purchase meant that I needed to ‘swap’ out another stamp to make room for it. The only one that wasn’t working for me was this butterfly and flower set. It’s not a quality stamp set and to be honest I don’t really like it anymore. I did however cut out the large butterfly that was on it because it’s probably the only image I will use in future. I also discovered I had an extra stamp set from the Kaisercraft Chartuese Collection so I’m passing that on along too. In addition I have another five Christmas sets that just permanently move from December Daily kit to December Daily kit so it might be an idea to find a more permanent home for them in the future, but I’m okay with how they are for now. 20170123_3workspaceandcraftroomrehab_techniquetypes 20170123_4workspaceandcraftroomrehab_techniquetypesThe rest of my stamp collection lives in some photo boxes and for the amount of times I use these things most all of them could be moved along (except for the ones on the acrylic blocks which I made myself, I’d totally keep them for sentimental reasons) but I figure in the grand scheme of things, the box isn’t needed for anything else right now so they can stay. It’s a bit of a hodge-podge of foam stamps, rubber stamps and wood-mounted stamps. I also have a set of Making Memories Foam stamps and a Typo DIY stamp kit that are stored with my acrylic blocks in their packages. I’ve probably used the Making Memories set the most of all of them but I am yet to settle on a design and carve my stamps from the Typo kit. I took out seven stamps that were never going to see the light of day and passed them on to the kids who promptly got stamping with them and the ink pads I discarded as well so they’re already getting more use than I ever gave them. 20170123_5workspaceandcraftroomrehab_techniquetypes 20170123_6workspaceandcraftroomrehab_techniquetypesNext in line was all my ink pads and stamping equipment. My Ink pads got a bit of a tidy up and I threw out a dodgy black ink pad that never created a clean image for me along with giving the kids three others, cheap ink pads all of them, so it would seem I’m becoming a bit of a stamping snob now that I’m buying Stayz On inks (ha). Of my stamping equipment two acrylic blocks didn’t make the cut because I had three of the same size. But they’ll work nicely being passed on to my new scrappy recruit with those stamp sets. I also have my most used inks in the Kaisercraft desk unit – a black Versafine and a Moonlight White Dew Drop ink with some little planner stamps and acrylic blocks, that I use for noting down tasks and marking off goals. 20170123_9workspaceandcraftroomrehab_techniquetypes20170123_10workspaceandcraftroomrehab_techniquetypesWhen it comes to mixed media I didn’t get rid of much here either, a dried up tube of red paint and a green paint pen got thrown out, a bottle of orange puffy paint, some clay tools I had to buy for uni and never used and some metallic media for using with dry embossed images got passed along. I would have given the kids a large bottle of blue paint too until I realized I didn’t have any small tubes of blue paint. But as soon as I restock it’ll move on out too. The only things in my accumulation of stampy stuff that saw no change were my roller stamps and my alphabet stamps. I have a total of six roller stamps and four of those are the handy October Afternoon Daily Flash Decade stamps which I use for dating all my layouts. In the Alpha stamp department, there’s three that are ear-marked for a future purge but that I do use on occasion for my Exchange Album as a matter of continuity and like my random stamps, their presence in my scrappy stuff isn’t a problem cos they don’t take up much room and I don’t need the space for anything new.20170123_7workspaceandcraftroomrehab_techniquetypes 20170123_8workspaceandcraftroomrehab_techniquetypesIt was nice to have a bit of a breather with some easy stamping discards after all the paper purging/decision-making I did in the earlier class, in fact this blog post took longer to write and edit than it took me to go through all of these supplies but next up is Craft Room Rehab: Embellishments which will certainly take a chunk of time. So I’m steeling myself for another round of purging, processing and then I might reward myself with a bit of playing with some of my rediscovered crafty stuff before I move on to any more decluttering efforts.




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