Workspace: Dream Space

If your anything like me, you’re no stranger to dreaming of the perfect crafty space and Marcy has got us all creating a mood board of our Dream Space in her Big Picture Classes class, Workspace. Personally I think it is a great tool to use when coming up with your idea of heaven. It stands to reason that when you have a clear vision you’re not only more likely to make it happen but you can begin to see themes emerge that maybe you weren’t aware of to begin with. When I did my first big purge in 2013 I started a Pinterest board titled The Great Scraproom Makeover and I haven’t stopped pinning things to it since. It’s a mix of furniture, organization ideas and inspiration for the overall look of my ideal craft room. Below is one of my earlier pins and it’s a great example of having a clear vision. A common theme that runs through my board is aged furniture especially painted white, in a white room. In a crazy act of serendipity after pinning similar images to this one my husband found an old buffet & hutch in a shack on our property, a couple of coats of white paint later and my craftroom now has a very similar piece to house my crafty supplies.20170118_1workspace_dreamspaceImage Credit:

Like I just said mood boards/ inspiration boards/ vision boards call ’em what you will are great for noticing themes and subconscious ideas that your drawn to. Case in point is the blue colour of the furniture piece below. It shows up in all manner of things on my Scraproom board and in other things I pinned at about the same time. Now, I love blue but I never would have figured that I was particularly drawn to this shade until I saw it show up in a bunch of pins at the same time. 20170118_2workspace_dreamspaceImage Credit:

Here’s another fun fact for you, the image below is actually the cover image for my Great Scraproom Makeover board. I just love all the little vintage items and cubbies and the eclectic mix of containers. Likewise the  image below it for the mix of vintage trays, baskets both wire and woven. I love that they are open and accessible and that they just look like so much fun to paw through and discover all sorts of lovely things. You may or may not be surprised to know then that the two following images are of Marcy Penners creative spaces. The top one of her older space and the bottom one from 2015 of her more recent space. Promise I wasn’t trying to win points with teach, and they’re not the only pins I have of her space on my board. Clearly I just love the womans style.20170118_3workspace_dreamspace 20170118_4workspace_dreamspaceImage Credit:

When it comes to organization I also appreciate things of a certain look. Like the fabric covered boxes below especially if they have a ruffle (that link actually takes you to a tutorial if you want to try making your own) and vintage printers trays. I cannot ocunt the number of printers trays I have pinned. I just love them for corralling all those fun little bits and pieces and they look so funky with all those teeny tiny divided sections in them.20170118_5workspace_dreamspace 20170118_6workspace_dreamspace

Image Credit:    Image Credit:

Back to that whole unconscious realizations again a couple of my recent pins have hinted at the current issues I seem to have uncovered in my previous posts. I need some form of better organization for in-progress projects and I really like this idea from Ali Edwards to have trays for things I’m working on that can be slotted away and pulled out on an as needs basis. Ideally I’d also like to confine my Project Life cards into a fun vintage tray like Shanna Noel. 20170118_7workspace_dreamspace 20170118_8workspace_dreamspaceImage Credit:                         Image Credit:

I definitely have a particular style when it comes to my scrap space and a lot of similar themes. Vintage and reclaimed furniture & storage solutions, white wood, lots of open baskets, shallow draws for bits and bobs, and a white/turquoise-to-teal colour pallette. While my space isn’t too far off that I could certainly do with a few upgrades and add in a whole bunch more of that turquoise-to-teal in different areas.20170118_10workspace_dreamspace20170118_9workspace_dreamspaceImage Credit:                               Image Credit:

Now you’ve heard all about my idea of an ideal craft space, what’s yours? Share a link in the comments to your own Pinterest boards or posts about your own ideal Workspace.



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