Workspace: Knowing What Ya Got

To get where your headed you’ve gotta know ‘what ya got’. That is exactly my starting point for the Workspace workshop I’m doing this month over at Big Picture Classes. Being the Planner Girl that she is Marcy Penner has generously put together a set of checklists for her class that fit nicely into a planner. Which as it turns out is rather convenient for me. I’m a bit slow to get on the whole Memory Planner thing but I have had my lovely Heidi Swapp Memory Planner waiting in the wings for about a year now and I decided it was about time I broke it out and used it. I’ve got big plans for this year and I always find that when I consistently use a planner/diary of some description and write things down I get so much more done. I am so much more disciplined and productive and I feel so much more accomplished. So it’s a win, win. Plus it’s just super fun having something creative to do, to get you excited for class.20170113_1workspace_assessingwhatyagotAfter going through the first checklist I pin-pointed a few things that need work in my scraproom. First up I got a wonderful gift of some new photography lights for Christmas (now all I gotta do is learn how to use them) but now I need a place to store them. Sitting out on my floor and having my baby boy climb all over the boxes is not exactly my idea of good storage. Seriously that kid wants to climb on everything these days and my precious new lighting is just not cool, little man. Nor is having them permanently set up a good idea for obvious reasons of three crazy, energetic boys crashing into my space on a regular basis. Secondly while I may not have an over abundance of Project Life/Pocket Scrapping supplies it has grown in the last couple of years since I did my last space revamp. I need to find a new streamlined way of storing them. The number of cards vs. the number of PL boxes is out of whack. I’ve been using the boxes they came in up til this point but now the number of boxes has outgrown the space I have and the number of cards in them has decreased significantly so it makes sense that they need to be consolidated into something smaller. The third thing I want to tackle is memorabilia. I did have a good system in place but I’ve outgrown that too and to put it bluntly I simply have too much of the stuff so I need to go through it again and deal with that. Probably the most obvious thing is that my room is just full of junk that doesn’t belong here and projects that need finishing, besides that a good ol’ fashioned de-stash is in order to get rid of surplus and stuff that I don’t think I’ll use.20170113_2workspace_assessingwhatyagotJust so you know what I’m working with, this below was the state of my scraproom in the early hours of the 1st of January. Photography equipment everywhere, the epic craftermath of post December Daily supplies and a few bits of miscellaneous, alright a bunch of miscellaneous scrappy supplies & projects, that were the result of not putting things back ever and sharing my love for all things scrappy to hopefully bringing someone into this scrappy world of ours. I might have to keep you posted if they do become a scrappy convert… If I even so much as thought of using a supply in December it was probably still sitting on my desk. What you don’t see is a bunch of sewing supplies under my desk that need attention too. 20170113_3workspace_assessingwhatyagotHave you got any scrappy organization goals you want to tackle in the next few months? What works for you when it comes to organizing – all in purge or bit by bit?




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