One Little Word 2017 (or maybe not)

I’ve been pondering my One Little Word for 2017 and as much as I enjoy this project, as much as I love Ali and the One Little Word class that I find so much value in every year I just couldn’t stir up the necessary enthusiasm to tackle it again this year. I always choose a word. I’ve been choosing them since 2011 and taking the class almost every year too. I never finish. I’m all gung-ho for the beginning of the year, I make it to about the six month mark and then my drive for the project fizzles.20170109_1olwormaybenotSomewhere in there it becomes an obligation rather than just a tool for growth. Another thing to tick of the scrappy to-do list and not a self-care practice. Maybe because we start heading into calving, joining, irrigation, Christmas etc. The list of to-dos gets long and the busy amps up around here, or maybe I simply need something fresh to focus on, I’m not sure. I don’t believe the December prompt has been completed in its entirety for a single one of my One Little Word projects. In fact my most successful One Little Word journey was 2014 when I didn’t do a single prompt but instead let it be part of my regular scrappy practice. So this year I haven’t bought the class. I haven’t made a title page, I didn’t want to choose a word, and then…

Enter Jennifer Wilson.

She must be my scrappy muse or something, because it seems every time I have a scrappy conundrum or question my scrappy practice in some way, she has an answer, a solution or a piece of wisdom to share on the subject. She’s not choosing a word this year either. She’s choosing four, maybe. One for every season to line up with her personal practice of refreshing her scrappy practice every season. I had even started writing this post about how I was not going to choose a word before her email popped up in my inbox last Wednesday prompting me to read  why she’s ‘Not Choosing a Word for 2017‘. Then all the pieces fell into place.20170109_2olwormaybenotSomewhere in the back of my head sat this thought that maybe I could choose a word. Or at the very least that a word had already chosen me. I would only have to live with it for 3 months and then I could choose to continue with it, find another or opt-out altogether. One word would not leave me alone. So my word for 2017 or at least the first quarter of the year is LESS. I will still not be taking the class, but I will let LESS live with me and inform me for this first three months of the year. Given my current goals I think it’s rather apt and I reserve the right to pick a new word at the end of it or not or continue on with it if it’s still speaking to me just like Jennifer’s approach. For now I choose LESS. LESS commitment to a project that is always hanging over my head. LESS stuff in my scraproom and my house. LESS stress. LESS time on things that don’t fulfill. Just LESS. And I’m hoping like Becky Higgins is hinting at lately the LESS=MORE. Who knows I may even make a page or two to put in my 2016 album – but I’m not making any promises. I’m opting for LESS.



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