Jot Mag February Mood Board 2016

I can’t believe the end of LOAD is coming up so fast, I haven’t missed a day yet and I can see my goal in sight and, oh, I am so, so ready to reach it. Only a few more days people… only a few more days. Today’s layout is truly a case of inspiration coming from everywhere. I’ve been keeping the Jot Mag February Mood Board in mind all month but none of the prompts or stories I wanted to tell seemed quite right for it. Purple is absolutely my favourite colour and team it with my second favourite teal, I am so there. Take a look at these vibrant colours.20150126_1JotMagFebMoodBoardDespite the purple and teal pairings when I started pushing papers around I just couldn’t get it to sit right so instead I decided to play up the pink on this one. Let’s face it there’s really not a whole lot of girly going on around here with all the fella’s in this house so lets just say I layered it on thick. I took it way back to my childhood with a layout about one of my favourite toys. It’s one I’ve wanted to do for quite some time and when Sharon Hill posted a layout on the same subject for LOAD10 it got me all excited about it again, although I wasn’t even sure where my own paper dolls where. While searching for something to use with my LOAD22 layout in my childhood memorabilia collection , lo and behold I found my paper dolls as well and they couldn’t have been more appropriate to use with the lovely Jot Mag inspiration.20150126_2JotMagFebMoodBoardMy starting point was the purple and pink starburst, it’s the design that was used for She-Ra merchandise back in the 80s and proved a perfect visual tool for leading your eye to the elements of the page, namely the She-Ra doll. You’d better believe I popped her up on foam squares so you can still dress her up along with her off-sider Angella. I also created a pocket at the back to store the rest of the outfits that had survived my childhood. I think there was about six costumes each but I only have three for She-Ra & poor Spirit (her horse/unicorn) never made it.20150126_3JotMagFebMoodBoard20150126_4JotMagFebMoodBoardThe title was also inspired by the typography for the show, using the font Baldur, which I sized & coloured in photoshop then fussy-cut out. With various 80s themed elements clustered around my journaling I tried to really play of the lovely vibrancy of this months mood board as well as just enjoying finding all these little gems in my current collection of scrappy things. Seriously when else is a gal gonna get to put a freakin’ unicorn on something. I absolutely adore this layout!