Jot Magazine June Mood Board

I know it’s completly normal for me to gush all over every Jot Magazine Mood Board offering but just so you don’t think I’m completly one dimensional this time I’m throwing a curve ball. My first thought on this months mood board was not ‘aaahhh’ but rather ‘eeeeeppp, what on earth am I going to scrap with that?’. Don’t get me wrong, I adore Natalie Elphinstone and pretty much every layout she creates is inspiration worthy in my opinion, but girl you really challenged me with this one. Originally I really wanted to scrap in my comfort zone and go with a heavy emphasis on pink and black and white polka dots but this is a mood board challenge after all so I decided to take the challenge portion to heart and step way out side of my normal. I just love the results.   20150626_1JotMagJuneMoodBoard I just found this particular colour combo and chosen motifs completely intimidating. The most imtimdating part of it was the lime green factor. For some reason lime green and I have just not been able to find scrappy peace with one another. It’s the colour that I seem most frequently to pull out and play around with but when it comes to it I almost always end up putting it right back again. Red and pink together have a similar effect on me in that I can’t seem to get them to play nice with one another either.  20150626_2JotMagJuneMoodBoardLuckily for me my son just happens to have a lime green rash vest and these poolside picks from his very first school swimming sports where such a complimentary choice for the summery fresh vibes of those watermelon hues, that it was a match made in heaven. I knew I had quite a few papers with a lovely lime colour to them but as far as embellishments went, I wasn’t so sure where to look. It just so happens that Heidi stepped in yet again, for me, with her September Skies Project Life Mini Kit and a superb selection of bits and pieces to suit. I even manged to get a little stamping in using the mason jar motif from a Dear Lizzy stamp set, a few different Kaisercraft sets to splash around the place and a Kelly Stamps ‘good for the soul’ stamp that legitimately sums up how I feel about any sort of water related summer past time.20150626_3JotMagJuneMoodBoardThe finishing touch for me was this little accordion fold album that came from a Better Homes and Gardens magazine a million years ago and could hold both my story and additional pics from the various swimming events the David participated in. I loved the imaginative sports that his school included for the lower grades and just their whole approach to building school community and student participation. It really is a wonderful school for him to attend. I love that the ‘medals’ awarded came in the form of stickers since it meant I was able to include that ephemera in both my title and some additional ones in the booklet, rounding out my penchant for using memorabila and the like on layouts.20150626_4JotMagJuneMoodBoard In these somewhat dreary and soggy winter months this reminder of warmer weather was definitely a welcome way to pass a few hours as I pulled the layout together. While it made me a bit uncomfortable and intimidated to begin with I am so pleased with what I was able to achieve on this layout. So thanks Nat and Jot girls for a bright spot of sunshine.

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