5-Minute Stories

One thing I love to record is how our morning routine goes at different times. It’s a fun little peek into our lives and man does it change over time. With the addition of new kids and new perspectives my morning routine now as a pregnant mother of two is going to look vastly different later in the year when another lovely person puts their spin on our day. So when I participated in BPC’s National Scrapbook Day festivities and saw Monica McNeill’s 5-Minute story idea I couldn’t help but check out her class of the same name. It was perfect for recording our right now morning routine.20150603_1TheMorningRoutineI took my cue from our doona cover for my colour palette, but felt like the background tones needed a dulling down with a wash of gesso so that my photos could take centre stage. Placing them in a chronological line across my layout gives the story continuity and allowed me to journal about the sequence of our mornings. I love the sense of movement conveyed in the images and how it changes from calm to crazy – just like the rhythm of waking up does every day20150603_2TheMorningRoutine To be honest some of the embellishing might be a bit misleading, I am not exactly the kind of person who finds mornings Joyous and to be honest I’d rather get five-minutes (who am I kidding half and hour) more sleep but its a work in progress and morning snuggles and quiet (emphasis on the quiet) kisses are just about the most awesome way to wake up. Not to mention tiny little hands grasping mine and leading me to the kitchen before the chorus of “I want…, I want…” sets in. Awwww, mushy, mushy. 20150603_3TheMorningRoutineIt was such a fun way to document our day-to-day and I love that Monica makes a point of not letting the storytelling interfere with the experience of being in the moments your capturing. Meanwhile still encouraging you to capture the bigger picture right down to details and seeing it through to completion. I can totally see myself doing more of this style documentation with my camera. Have you got any go-to camera tricks for capturing your stories?


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