Past & Future Memories

Our final topic this week is a bit of a combination of the last two. Being able to document your childhood memories or future dreams and desires can be a bit difficult when you don’t have access to photos from the time period or the concept is a bit more ethereal than your standard scrapbook page. Luckily there are many ways you can use stand-in items to document your Past & Future Memories. 20150508_1PastandFutureMemories I am still just as likely to be inspired to scrap a story retrospectively as I am to scrap one in the moment. Clearly though, if the moment has passed I don’t often have a photo to go with it, the opportunity to retake one or can’t find a stand-in photo that I think is suitable. Each one of these scenario’s is perfect for a story-first photo-less layout. In this layout about ‘My First Memory’ there is simply no way at all that I would have been able to capture this story with a photo at the time of making it. For a start (if the memory is a real one) I was a newborn baby at the time which, duh, means no understanding of how to use a camera – therefore a specific photo of the moment is out. Using an image of me as a baby could work but all but two of those, especially as a newborn, are on slides at my parents house which is nowhere near where I live. The ones I do have, were group shots where as I wanted to have an image with a central more specific focus – so using a stand in image from a similar time period was out too. Lastly we moved from the town I was born when I was four, and it’s in a completely different state – so using a modern image of the same spot was also not an option.20150508_2PastandFutureMemoriesOne problem however was that I still wanted to have some sort of image on my layout and with my photo options exhausted I was at a loss of what to do… enter Big Picture Classes interNational Scrapbooking Day Challenge 4 to Turn your own handwriting, doodles and drawings into journaling cards or patterned paper set by Catherine Saunders. While I wasn’t exactly thinking along the lines of patterned paper I did think a drawing could work as a stand-in image. This particular iNSD challenge also involves an element of digitizing your hand drawn images. Originally I was going to skip that part but after doing my drawing and realizing I wasn’t thrilled with the colour choice of the blanket against my chosen paper selection I jumped on the opportunity for a little hue change. The background paper is an Anna Griffin for K & Company paper that has been horded like pure gold up until now, so I wanted to be able to see as much of it as possible. The softness and delicacy of it just seemed perfect for this baby page and since I’ve been so into older supplies of late I dug out some American Craft ribbon for a good old fashioned frame around my photo and story, with a few stickers added for a little bit of interest.20150508_3PastandFutureMemoriesThis second concept as demonstrated by my ‘One Day’ layout is an example of scrapping future dreams and desires. I was inspired by that lovely Maggie Holmes chipboard house sticker to document the story of how I want to one day build a dolls house if I ever have a daughter. It was spurred by my current state of ‘what if’ wondering about our baby’s gender and with such a lovely embellishment it was a beautiful complement to my story. Since I haven’t anything other than ideas for this dolls house I couldn’t very well take a photo of something that doesn’t exist. Using embellishments in place of photos is a wonderful option when the concept of your story is something so ethereal and may indeed be the impetus for you to document them.20150508_4PastandFutureMemoriesMaybe you have a dream to travel to far off destinations, or perhaps you want to start your own business or get married or have a family one day, all of these would make great fodder for a future memory page. There are certainly no shortage of travel, wedding or baby themed images and if you ask me any excuse to get things out of the stash and onto your layouts is a good idea. I also think that it can be a useful technique to scrapbook some of the hard stuff if you’re into a bit of scrapbook-therapy. Perhaps that dream of getting married or having a baby isn’t happening for you; or your going through a tough time in your job: or battling an illness: or your finding the going tough for whatever reason. Not everyone wants to scrap the hard stuff but sometimes I find it helps and I certainly prefer a more abstract use of my supplies when doing so than using actual photos. There’s only so many glum-looking selfies one can take and when your going through a tough time seeing photographic reminders can sometimes feel like they do more bad than good.20150508_5PastandFutureMemoriesYou could even use this concept as a sort of time capsule layout. Maybe you want to express some of your future hopes for yourself or perhaps you could take a far more literal approach. What do you think the future will be like for you on a personal level? Do you think you will still be living in the same house, doing the similar things, spending time with similar people five years or ten years from now? It would be fun to compare the imaginings to the reality, perhaps by leaving a spot to journal on your original layout or maybe making a companion layout so you can see the differences and similarities after the time period is up. Or maybe you want to do a layout about your current reality – the price of everyday items, your use of technology, family pastimes etc and then do a companion layout about those things some time down the road.

20150508_6PastandFutureMemoriesI hope I’ve given you some ideas this week for some story-first scrapbook layouts and a few ways to handle them when you don’t have photos, next week we’re going to look at Title Pages and different ways to approach them as part of our photo-less focus this month.

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