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Welcome to Story First week in my Photo-less Layout focus for the month of May. By far the most thrilling of Photo-less Layout concepts for me are the ones where I have a story I’m just aching to tell that may or may not need the support of a photo. With all the layouts I share this week it would be absolutely possible to find a photo representative in some way of the story being told but I don’t feel that taking that road is necessarily always the way you need to go.20150504_1PersonalityPagesI often enjoy capturing snippets of life ‘right now’ on my pages, things that I like or dislike, things that are  important to me (or others I love) at any given point, or long-lived truisms that seem to have always appealed or been part of the make-up of that individual – layouts that are very specifically about the subject they portray. Including quirks and unique traits that belong to certain people or that mirror others they know (like parents or siblings) are so fun to return to after a time.  I have done these sorts of layouts since I began my scrappy journey without really giving them a name. More recently my view of these layouts is a concept somewhat inspired by Stacy Julian (shared during the Inspired Scrapbooking course I took with her last year). I’ve come to collectively recognize them as Personality Pages. Sure you can capture a lovely photo of someone that just ooozes personality but why not check out what fun you can have creating layouts that complement both the subject of the story and personality of the person it’s about. Whether you choose to do a personality page about that fleeting moment by moment stuff or those long-held loves just like I have done in my Francophile layout is entirely up to you.20150504_3PersonalityPages I have forever it seems been drawn to the French Provincial aesthetic in design, decor and trinkets and French themed items in general. Even more so after I got married. We planned to have a belated honeymoon in France the year after our wedding when we would actually have some time to do so, unfortunately it never eventuated because we ended up starting a family instead but it has only seemed to fuel my love of French stuff. And that of French themed items which has certainly not escaped the realm of my scrapbooking supplies. While sorting through my supplies in March I was reminded of how many I possess and I’ve decided it is high time I got to using some of them. What better way than celebrating all things French.20150504_5PersonalityPagesThe vellum piece with the Eiffel Tower was the beginning spark and once I paired it with the text paper from Typo’s ‘Travel the World’ paper pad, with its obvious French theme, the layout just seemed to make itself. Another Typo paper from the same pad had been cut apart to use different tickets and layer elements on a previous layout but I still had that Paris city scape with the Eiffel Tower and other bits that fit right in. While I am so drawn to things that have an Eiffel tower motif on them, there is only so many ways one can use such an obviously themed element, personality pages can be a perfect excuse to load up on a design element such as this. Doing a layout about a sports fan – go all out with the balls, bats or tools of the trade on your layout. Know someone who is a gardening nut – make a card with all sorts of lovely flower themed papers and embellishments. The best thing about personality pages is you can make it as overt or as subtle as you like – the rule of thumb, especially with photo-less layouts is to let your design support your story. 20150504_4PersonalityPagesOne of the most enjoyable things about creating this layout was the ability to layer different elements behind the vellum. It’s purpose is two-fold as it softens the themey nature of a page like this and it allows you to create unique layers especially when it has so many different parts to the design like this piece. The ‘Paris’ piece fit beautifully in the framed portion of the vellum paper and the tags and borders from Kaisercraft’s Check In line bring some of the blue and red over to that side of the layout without overpowering it . But you are still able to see the balloon and text of the background layer through all the rest.20150504_2PersonalityPages On such a story first style layout as this, where you are not making a photo your subject, it is a good idea to set the focus squarely on the actual journaling that way your story will indeed make the most impact that it can. Include your title in this as well by using design techniques such as emphasis, dimension or contrast to make it really stand out.

I look forward to hanging out with you over the next few weeks with our photo-less focus. Any ideas you care to add? Please leave me a comment below. I’d love to hear your ideas on making your story stand out!

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