Photo-less Layouts

It would seem to me that I am always looking for inspiration for photo-less layouts. After I posted one of the title pages for my Exchange Album last month it got me thinking about all those times when I don’t have or don’t need a photo to create a layout or project. I know they say a picture paints a thousand words but what about those times when you don’t have a picture but you do have a thousand words to say. Or when you want to introduce something, like in my title page example. Or perhaps you just want to create for the sake of creating without an end goal. That’s what I want to focus on this month.

20150501_1PhotolessLayoutsI’m going to take you through a number of different scenario’s where photos take a back seat to story & design and give you strategies and ways of modifying/manipulating your scrappy process for theses scenarios. Starting with my favourite photo-less layout scenario of course where the story’s the thing. These are, I feel, by far the most important of photo-less layout concepts. I am never one to shy away from a good story just because I don’t have a photo. We’ll have a look at different times when you may find your self with a story but no photo and methods for dealing with them.

20150501_3PhotolessLayoutsIn the week that follows I want to focus on Title Pages, while they may not be applicable for your every day style scrapping I find I am definitely drawn to Title Pages for large projects (such as my epic Exchange Album) and gift style albums. I love having an introductory page to show a clear division for different themes within an album and for gift albums they are essential for giving the recipient some insight into why you created the album for them.

20150501_2PhotolessLayoutsAnother of my favorite photo-less techniques is using things other than photos to help tell your story. During this next week we’ll focus on memorabilia and how it can assist you to tell more of the story you want told. Maybe the memorabilia was your story spark or perhaps you have some awesome postcards or brochures that will stand in for photos. I also want to share strategies for including memorabilia that’s not your own or which    you may not want to alter in any fashion.

20150501_4PhotolessLayoutsDuring the last week of May we’ll take the photo-less layout concept beyond the scrap-page and take a look at cover design and beyond the page ways of getting your photo-less layout skills to go even further. I am so excited to cover these ideas that have been burning a hole in my scrappy repertoire for years and share some of the ways I’ve come to handle them with you. Hope you come along for the ride.

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