Run-on Scrapbooking

One of the lessons from Lilith Eeckles 30 minute layouts class has been sticking with me. The lesson is all about letting a previous layout inform your choices for the next one. Some times its using the same patterned paper or embellishment line on a few layouts, at other times it may be a similar colour palette, yet another layout may use the same technique as the one before or as in my last post, spark an idea for a new story or a continuation of a story you’ve already told in your pages. This layout is a bit of a combination of all of the above.20150427_1RunOnScrapbooking I just can’t seem to get enough of scrapping about Heidi Swapp’s tour to Australia with Spotlight for National Craft Month. I shared the experience of meeting Heidi here on the blog but it was also the inspiration for my latest Jot Mag Moodboard entry. For this particular layout however I took a bit of a different direction in talking about how I’ve really been engaging with social media through Instagram which is how i even found out about the tour in the first place. My story found its roots in my experience with Heidi’s Capture30 class in January but it was also partly inspired by that glitter Heidi #insta{love) glitter word/phrase because seriously what else am I going to use it for. Speaking of using Heidi products, I am unashamed of my enthusiasm for using any amount of Heidi Swapp delightfulness. This layout alone includes four separate Heidi Collections. The #insta{love} sticker is from Hello Today. The pink chipboard hearts are from her dual branded Project Life Gold Foil mini kit. The floral is from her September Skies PL mini kit and the circular shapes are actually a set of free printables that were sourced from One Velvet Morning via a link on Pinterest.  I can’t pinpoint a single layout that inspired all the Heidi Swapp but it is certainly been a feature of my layouts this year.  20150427_2RunOnScrapbookingThe pink background paper is from the same paper pad that I used for this lovely layout about expecting our latest addition. The choice of pink star pattern was also inspired by the constellation images in the September Skies line and last but not least all of those lovely labels have been making an appearance in many a layout on the blog including a bunch from my December Daily Album. And the doily well I’m sure it’ll be showing up in plenty of layouts in the future. 20150427_3RunOnScrapbookingI really love how this concept works and I’m certain we’ve all used it a time or two in our scrapping before. Your scrapping along and think wouldn’t that sentiment/die cut/colour look lovely with… But it just seems like a complete no brainer to use what your already inspired by to propel you forward and complete more layouts.

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