Favourite Scrappy Podcasts

I’ve been on a bit of a Scrapbooking Podcast binge lately, I’m not sure if my current rate of churning out layouts is inspiring the amount of podcast listening around here or if it’s working the other way around. In any case I thought it would be nice to share with you what I’ve been binge listening to lately.


Paperclipping Roundtable – the original scrappy Podcast

Lets just start with the obvious one right of the bat, Paperclipping Roundtable remains and forever will be a firm favourite. They cover so, so much of what makes us scrapbookers tick and every episode seems to have something wonderful to say. Not to mention the calibre of the guests they attract, if you haven’t found the Paperclipping Rountable by some fluke of nature get right on it and binge listen from the very beginning, do it while you clean your house or sit in traffic or whatever and you’ll find the time has never passed faster.20150422_2FavouriteScrappyPodcasts

Scrap Gals found courtesy of a post on Instagram by Katie Scott.

Tiffany and Tracie are such a fun duo and their southern accents are so charming, its just like sitting in on a conversation with friends and you’ll soon warm to these lovely ladies and their take on the scrappy world. I thought Paperclipping had covered everything there was to say on the topic of scrapbooking but somehow these gals have found even more to talk about.

20150422_3FavouriteScrappyPodcastsScrap Owl found via the itunes library

I’m not sure if these are even being produced anymore since the last episode was posted in November last year but even so it’s totally worth a listen. Renee Robins is such and energetic presenter and she has introduced me to so many scrappy people and places I never even knew existed. There is no such thing as too many scrappy podcasts, now is there.

20150422_4FavouriteScrappyPodcastsThe ScrapGeek Podcast found via Paperclipping (i think)

The Scrapgeek Podcast is to hybrid and digi scrappers what the Paperclipping Roundtable is to us paper gals. If your one of those gals whose into all things scrappy and techie its a must listen and even if you’re not into the tech side at all like me, it’s still worth a listen just for the shere scrappy goodness that’s over there.

20150422_5FavouriteScrappyPodcastsElise Gets Crafty found via her blog Enjoy it

While Elise may not be so deep in the scrappy world these days she still has plenty of scrappy cred as far as I’m concerned and a plethora of knowledge and just all around general wisdom when it comes to creative business. Her podcast has so many wonderful guests from various creative fields that it leaves you feeling inspired and empowered all at once.

Hope that gives you a little more fun in your day and spring in your step.

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