Companion Layouts

In August last year I started a layout about sending in my entry for the Scrapbooking Memories Masters Competition but I got a little stuck on my design and put it aside, as I sometimes do, to revisit later. After I’d finished it I thought that I really needed to make a layout documenting the fact that I did indeed get published and what my resulting thoughts and feelings were. So I pulled out my first layout to see what supplies I’d used, and if I could give the second layout a similar feel even though they will be in two separate albums (due to the fact I store my layouts chronologically by year). These types of layouts are what I loosely like to term Companion Layouts, they may not necessarily go so far as to use the same product, or be over a set time period, but they contain the thread of a story that carries over different layouts and reference previous layouts in some respect be it colour, design choices, or potentially even verbally in the journaling. It’s a bit like doing a Then & Now comparison of things but in real time scrapping.20150420_1CompanionLayoutsFor these particular layouts though I did really wanted to keep the look and design in a similar style. They’re not too far apart time wise (only a few months) and the style and colour choices are very much what I’m into at the moment. Due to the fact that these layouts are indeed about my scrapbooking I wanted my product choice to be quiet reflective of where I am right now in my scrapbooking journey, so I was sort of approaching it as a type of personal scrapbooking time capsule if you will. Pink and Turquoise are colours I seem to reach for over and over again, as are papers with a distressed style or a little bit of a vintage vibe.20150420_2CompanionLayouts20150420_3CompanionLayoutsThis first layout was sparked by that lovely pink and turquoise paper from Typo that hit all the right points. The Kaisercraft chandelier motif carries through each project, including the art journal cover which was part of my entry for the SBM Masters Competition as a way of making them feel cohesive. It was a motif that featured in the Kasiercraft Chanteuse Collection from a few years ago (2011, I think) and I’ve been lucky enough to have quite a variety of different products in my collection that feature it, rub-ons, stickers and of course the stamp set which was used on all three projects. The postage stamp paper (another Typo one) was used as a subtle element behind the journaling in my first layout as a nod to mailing in the entry. It became more of a feature on the second layout because the story was all about receiving the Scrapbooking Memories mag in which my project was featured and my journaling is all about the ‘happy mail’ . I love that even the pink of the cover and the softness of the layout featured fit so well too.

20150420_4CompanionLayoutsThe story arc is really the driving force behind tying the two together, where I celebrated the pursuing of the dream in the first I now celebrate the achievement of the dream in the second and bring all the parts of the story together as one. There was so much that I wanted to include to visually tell the story from photos of my original piece, ephemera, photos of the inside of the magazine as well as the cover and of course my journaling itself that it presented a bit of a design challenge to begin with. I really wanted the title to carry some visual weight but also make it as though the cover was letting the story unfold like it would if you read a magazine or book .20150420_5CompanionLayouts20150420_6CompanionLayoutsMy solution was to do a Heidi Swapp style memory file to house all the parts together and since I didn’t have any in my stash I made my own. I couldn’t decide on how many photos I wanted to include so I just included them all, embellishing some pages in the memory file and leaving some blank like Heidi does in her own. I even included a little screenshot from my InstagramĀ  from when I found out just as an added little detail. Waiting so long to submit for publication seems rather silly now having done it once. As with a lot of things in life they seem harder/bigger the longer you put them off. Let’s hope this starts a new trend for me & you see a few more of my layouts in mags from now on.

20150420_7CompanionLayouts20150420_8CompanionLayoutsHave you got any larger stories you want to tell over a few layouts, or have you made a layout about something that you now have extra information or a wider perspective on? Would you like to expand upon it in your albums. Why not consider using some of the elements of one layout to influence the continuation of the story in your scrapbooks. Let me know if you do.

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