Pitter Patter and Pattern Play

I so love being pregnant. Not everything about it mind you but my overall feeling is one of joy and excitement with a little trepidation thrown in. In the spirit of having my scrappy mojo swing the way of baby stories of late I put together this layout to document the beginnings of my bump. I was in the mood for a little pattern play when creating this one and decided to channel my inner Paige Evans and go with some lovely bold patterns and repeat elements.20150417_1PitterPatterandPatternPlay Funnily enough I quite literally dreamt this layout into being. You know how you always seem to get those flashes of inspiration and great ideas right when you’re falling into or waking from sleep. Well this was one such idea. I made sure I did a quick little sketch after the idea came to me (always keep a pen and pad by my bedside) and got to work on it the very next morning. It was almost too easy to get this layout put together.20150417_2PitterPatterandPatternPlayUsing papers from a co-ordinating 12 x 12 paper pad took all the guess-work out of product selection, a few folds and cuts later and I had a collection of lovely bows to off-set against one another. While the patterns are quite bold I still wanted my photo to be the stand out of the page so I set it squarely in the middle with some subtle embossed and textured white on white matting behind it to pop it up a bit. I also kept my journaling lite, using a semi-transparent vellum tag and balanced it out with a lovely Heidi Swapp colour magic butterfly in my most favourite shade of teal.20150417_3PitterPatterandPatternPlayWhile I love the idea of doing a monthly photo shoot when your pregnant, in practice I don’t make it a priority. I am just not the most consistent at making sure that I have pregnancy photos, despite best intentions. Some how the over arching feelings of being too large and round, feeling less than stellar and tired beyond comprehension out way the desire to document my burgeoning belly on a regular basis. So for my last two pregnancies I have perhaps a total of about three preggo belly photo sessions. It would be nice to have some more but honestly I’m okay with the fact that I have any at all. I’m not sure I’ve seen a single photo of my mum pregnant with me or any of my siblings so while I may not have many the fact that I am documenting it at all feels like a win to me. During this pregnancy though I’d like to up my game a little and end up with about five so I started early.20150417_4PitterPatterandPatternPlayIf you do want some awesome and doable documentation of baby bumps and just life in general my friend Lou of Sunny & Scout Photography is an awesome gal to check out and as luck would have it, she and I happen to be pregnant at the same time again. Check out her super cool baby announcement.

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