Around Here

20150415_1AroundHere       We spent our Australia Day celebrating with fish and chips and a wonderful day at the beach.

20150415_2AroundHereMy lovely hubby and I enjoyed a day out just the two of us, eating yummy seafood and soaking up the quality time.

We fare-welled another set of wonderful friends and workers.

20150415_4AroundHereMy scrap space saw a much needed clean up.

20150415_5AroundHereWe began a new adventure as our beautiful boy started school.

20150415_6AroundHereWe settled in for a quiet Easter and just the right amount of chocolate indulgences.

20150415_7AroundHereI got to go on an awesome road trip with my fabulous sis-in-law and meet one of my favourite scrapping personalities,and whats more a bunch of other wonderful scrappers taboot.

20150415_8AroundHereThe whole house fought off an epic flu.

20150415_9-1AroundHere 20150227_3OneLittleWord2015I realized a long held dream getting published for the very first time.

20150415_10AroundHereOur family and our hearts just expanded by one extra heartbeat.


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