Scraproom Decluttering 101: Tackling Burnout

Whilst I had the best of intentions to finally get to prettifying my scrap space this time around. It looks like it’s a bust again. I bit off more than I could chew taking on two major projects aka my Decluttering Project and participating in The Finishing Project in the same month. On top of which dealing with morning sickness and getting actually sick for two out of the four or so weeks didn’t help. So now at the end of the month I find myself completely burned out on doing any more decluttering or work on my Epic Exchange Album at least for a little bit. For right now though I’m ready to move on to something else. With that in mind I thought I’d tackle 5 Things you can do when you face burnout on a project or projects.



Since both projects held the same level of importance for me I didn’t want to choose one over the other but really what you need to do when you’re faced with too much on your plate is prioritize. What needs to get the most of your attention and what can wait. As part of the Finishing Project one of the exercises Jennifer had us do was to rate what projects we felt were important, what we had the enthusiasm to pursue and those where both importance and enthusiasm met. It was a great way of seeing where our scrappy mojo was at that point in time, and the easiest way I’ve found to pick where you should focus your energy.

2. What Does Your End Result Look Like

Question whether what you are doing is actually going to achieve the end result you want. Upon re-reading my initial reasons for tackling my declutter project, a main driving force was that aspect of finally getting around to putting those finishing touches on my space and that it was about time I did so. So perhaps instead of focusing on the decluttering aspect I should have focused first on doing those tasks which I had held off doing for so long. Making the curtains, covering the boxes and so on.

3. Celebrate What You Have Done

Another Jennifer gem is to ‘celebrate your victories’. You may not have achieved the whole task you set for yourself but you’re sure to have completed more than what you had when you started. Celebrate that! You have done something and something is definitely better than nothing when you’re tackling projects of a large scope.

4. Give Yourself Grace

Sometimes unexpected hurdles crop up and sometimes you just can’t control what’s going on. I didn’t plan to get sick and I didn’t plan on getting pregnant and so very, very tired either but life happens and quite frankly I need to give myself a break not a beat-up over the fact that these things where not in my initial plan for the month. Hand-in-hand with focusing on what you did achieve, acknowledging that you can’t control everything and being kind to yourself can help you to have a positive perspective going forward and help build the momentum to get back into it.

5. Give yourself a new deadline.

So you didn’t complete the project by the time you initially thought you would. Now’s the time to consider what you have on your plate going forward and see what little chunks of time you can allot to getting it completed. Because you have recently had the project front of mind, you likely have a better idea of the demands of the work you need to complete and a more realistic understanding of the time frame they will take to complete. So pick yourself up, dust yourself off and pick a new deadline to work towards. It may not be in the immediate future if you have other things going on and it may need to be done in smaller pockets of time to fit around existing commitments – the point is you’ve come this far, so don’t let it be just another thing hanging over you head.

These are just a few pointers I picked up over the process of doing these projects, and while for now I’m going to try my hand at other things I hope to pick both of them up again in the not too distant future and post the finished results for you here.

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