Supermum Kind of Day

In celebration of all things awesome I needed to make my self a little reminder of a really great day. Being Mum is really my full-time job, I dabble in the farming/book-keeping thing because it’s necessary to keep our business chugging along but MUM is really where I’m at. The chauffeuring, laundry washing, keeping the house in a habitable state and wiping bums and noses is my daily round. But lets be honest this parenting thing can get difficult some days and amidst the constant nagging and negotiating with tiny people you sometimes feel like you’re just not doing a good job. On this particular day I had a win of epic proportions in the parenting/homemaker/wife stakes and thought it was rather worthy of it’s very own layout. 20150406_1SupermumKindOfDay

I wanted my design to be as big and bold as the super great feeling of accomplishment that this day produced so I went large with my main design element and seriously who wouldn’t love a great big glittery Supermum ‘M’ to call their own. Aside from the traditional ‘super’ colours my colour palette was kept decidedly neutral to help it pop of the page and really stand out.20150406_2SupermumKindOfDay

Repeating star elements all over the page and included some encouraging/ affirming diecuts and a little Polaroid frame of me doing my ‘mum thing’ were just enough embellishing when coupled with my stencilled & partially diecut title work. With the story being the major driving force behind the whole thing, I let that take up the majority of the rest of the layout.20150406_3SupermumKindOfDay

I think I might just hang this up in my scraproom somewhere to look at for a little while longer. We all need a win and some self-affirmation every now and then – I’d really encourage you to create your own layout about something your proud of and enjoy a little creative confidence boost too.

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