I’ve been keeping a little secret

So you know how I mentioned I wasn’t feeling well last month… well that’s true enough and it was pretty rotten but it is not so much a sickness as creating a tiny human being that has had me feeling off lately. Introducing the newest member of our family…20150403_1IveBeenKeepingALittleSecret We got to do something a little bit different for this first ultrasound and went to a medical imaging place instead of the hospital where they gave me a CD of all our images instead of the usual thermal print out – scrappers dream I say. Digital copies meant I could get prints done quick as a flash and put together a layout for our latest addition that afternoon. This is the second or third layout I’ve created for this kid so far and I have a feeling this child is already going to have more pregnancy layouts than my other two boys combined, should really get on to that… Anyhoo first trimester troubles aside I’m just really enjoying being pregnant and that’s definitely where my scrappy mojo is at the moment.20150403_2IveBeenKeepingALittleSecretLuckily morning sickness for me equates to a little bit of nausea and the desperate need to eat first thing in the morning and that’s about it. Believe me I know how lucky I am. So when I say I genuinely love being pregnant you can believe me. I also love being in labour but that’s another story for another time. However I have developed the pregnant super power of being able to fall asleep at the drop of a hat pretty much anywhere – so, so very tired. So if things tend to get a little quiet around here you’ll know where to find me – asleep in a chair somewhere.20150403_3IveBeenKeepingALittleSecretI know I’ve gone blue on this layout but we never find out what we’re having ( and I don’t think they can tell you this early anyway) so that was really just a design choice made because I love the blue and brown paper. I even broke out my Big Shot and did some die-cutting with some nesting dies to get those scalloped circles. Cheers to more preggo layouts in the future.

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