The Finishing Project for the Win

I cannot speak highly enough of The Finishing Project. If Jennifer ever runs this class again and if you ever get the chance to participate I would totally jump at the chance to have a go at this class. Her content is just so solid and the way that she runs her classroom really makes sure you are well set up for success. I haven’t found a class of hers yet that has not been beneficial but I really think this one in particular excels as achieving what it’s designed to do.20150311_1TFPEverythingOld20150318_1TFPEverythingOldIsNewFor me personally given the success I’ve had with other Simple Scrapper offerings I really thought that The Finishing Project had an awesome amount to offer in the way of getting me to achieve my goal, which was to finish the first album of my four part Exchange Album. While that may have been true in different circumstances, unfortunately what you have seen around here and a few extra layouts is about all that I was able to accomplish. Not in any part due to the course content or lack of encouragement from The Finishing Project community but simply for the fact that life happens and it was just not good timing for me this go around.20150320_1TFPDontKnowWhatToSay20150325_1RepeatDesign

During the first few weeks I had a lot going on and knew I’d be a bit busier then, so I just kept up with the class schedule while getting a few layouts completed, hoping I could kick things up a notch during the later weeks and get even more done. But the last two weeks just slammed me with illnesses. First the kids got sick, then my husband got sick and then I got sick, thankfully not until the worst of it was over with for the rest of the family. And I’m not talking some sniffles and a cold, where you feel weak and ‘cough, cough’ I don’t feel so good. This was the going through a box of tissues each, hacking up a lung until you well… I’ll spare you the details, lying in bed for five days, bursting an ear drum from infection kind of “real flu” as my doctor put it, and the worst thing was it didn’t just go through our house but through our workers as well. Ugh. Throw in another challenge which will become clear in my nex post and lets just say taking care of business and keeping people at a manageable level of comfortable was where all my focus went. The great thing is Jennifer and the other TFP participants were so encouraging despite my not completing my project. Love that community. So while I may not have finished this time round I’ve been given a lot of grace, some great ideas and set myself a new deadline for completion.20150325_3RepeatDesign20150325_5RepeatDesignIn saying all that, of the 84 layouts in this first album I did indeed make progress. There are only 9 layouts left to create and another 20 for which journaling is the only thing still unfinished, so all in all not a bad effort. I so would have liked to have come on here and shouted from the roof tops that it was finished – one album down only three more to go, but sometimes you’ve just got to roll with the punches and this was unfortunately one of those times, from the sounds of the message boards I was not the only one in a similar situation. Many of the participants did indeed complete their Finishing Projects and it was wonderful to see the encouragement everyone offered each other and all the virtual high-fiving and congratulations going on. Progress albeit not my original aim is still progress and it was a great just to be part of such a positive and wonderful environment.20150401_4TFPNoPhotoTitlePages20150401_1TFPNoPhotoTitlePagesAnd with that said I did complete a total of 15 more layouts for my Scrap 365 total last month, so now I am up to a grand total of 58 for the year. Certainly getting there.

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