Run-on Scrapbooking

One of the lessons from Lilith Eeckles 30 minute layouts class has been sticking with me. The lesson is all about letting a previous layout inform your choices for the next one. Some times its using the same patterned paper or embellishment line on a few layouts, at other times it may be a similar colour palette, yet another layout may use the same technique as the one before or as in my last post, spark an idea for a new story or a continuation of a story you’ve already told in your pages. This layout is a bit of a combination of all of the above.20150427_1RunOnScrapbooking I just can’t seem to get enough of scrapping about Heidi Swapp’s tour to Australia with Spotlight for National Craft Month. I shared the experience of meeting Heidi here on the blog but it was also the inspiration for my latest Jot Mag Moodboard entry. For this particular layout however I took a bit of a different direction in talking about how I’ve really been engaging with social media through Instagram which is how i even found out about the tour in the first place. My story found its roots in my experience with Heidi’s Capture30 class in January but it was also partly inspired by that glitter Heidi #insta{love) glitter word/phrase because seriously what else am I going to use it for. Speaking of using Heidi products, I am unashamed of my enthusiasm for using any amount of Heidi Swapp delightfulness. This layout alone includes four separate Heidi Collections. The #insta{love} sticker is from Hello Today. The pink chipboard hearts are from her dual branded Project Life Gold Foil mini kit. The floral is from her September Skies PL mini kit and the circular shapes are actually a set of free printables that were sourced from One Velvet Morning via a link on Pinterest.  I can’t pinpoint a single layout that inspired all the Heidi Swapp but it is certainly been a feature of my layouts this year.  20150427_2RunOnScrapbookingThe pink background paper is from the same paper pad that I used for this lovely layout about expecting our latest addition. The choice of pink star pattern was also inspired by the constellation images in the September Skies line and last but not least all of those lovely labels have been making an appearance in many a layout on the blog including a bunch from my December Daily Album. And the doily well I’m sure it’ll be showing up in plenty of layouts in the future. 20150427_3RunOnScrapbookingI really love how this concept works and I’m certain we’ve all used it a time or two in our scrapping before. Your scrapping along and think wouldn’t that sentiment/die cut/colour look lovely with… But it just seems like a complete no brainer to use what your already inspired by to propel you forward and complete more layouts.


A Time to Scraplift

Inspired by Episode 9 of the Scrap Gals Podcast, Scraplifting:Erasing the Stigma I thought I’d try my hand at something I haven’t done in a while and give scraplifting a go again. Both Tiffany and Tracie were of the opinion that it allowed them to scrap faster than they normally might and also that it was a useful tool in the scrappers arsenal of scrappy starters. I believe I shared a scraplift of an old Maggie Holmes layout on my instagram some time last year but I can’t even remember the last time I scraplifted before that. It’s not that I’m even opposed to the idea or anything just that the thought really hadn’t crossed my mind in recent times.20150424_1ATimeToScraplift For my scraplift I chose this beautiful layout “The Grand Canyon Track” by Linda Eggleton that was published in Scrapbooking Memories Vol. 17  No. 8 (pp36). I loved the mix of pattern and the way she layered all of those lovely papers but the clincher was her use of the Mister Fox Collectables from Kaisercraft which I just can’t get enough of scrapping with. It seems like that pack of die-cuts is never ending. I think I kept pretty true to the original design of the layout although I did decide to stretch it from a one-pager to a double-page spread for my layout, simply because I wanted to use these fantastic pictures of my boys having an animated conversation despite the fact that Joseph couldn’t talk yet. Given that my photo’s were landscape rather than portrait I needed the extra space to give them the same amount of breathing room. I also chose to use similar patterns in the choice of a grid and polka-dot and a geometric for the washi.20150424_2ATimeToScraplift_LindaEggletonOrigLinda’s style incorporates a lovely layer of mixed media behind her paper cluster, which I chose to omit, simply because I don’t own any. And I swapped the cluster of flowers for another photo because I just love how the boys were sitting with their feet touching. In terms of placement I kept the paper layers, embellishment clusters, journaling block, title and even the arrow in the same place, however I did take inspiration from the journaling strips on the lower right corner for the placement of my washi strips.20150424_3ATimeToScrapliftBy comparison my layout turned out much simpler than Linda’s and whilst it is true to my style I think the thing that originally attracted me to her layout was the distressing and dark inked edges on her papers and the mixed media background. I inked my edges too but I think her distressing adds some wonderful dimension that mine doesn’t have. If I could start over I would distress and ink the edges more or at least do something to them to give them some more depth. I’d also put a white border around my set of three photos instead of leaving them as is because I love the way Linda’s photos remain a focal point even with the wonderful depth of layering she used. Perhaps I could even add some other dimensional elements for a a bit of visual interest like Linda’s blooms do on her layout.20150424_4ATimeToScrapliftI love the layout on its own but when compared to the original scraplift it does seem a little lack lustre to me and that’s part of the way it goes with scraplifting. Sometimes you don’t figure out what motivated you to pick a layout until your done and that’s where practise comes in to get you spotting these sorts of things. I feel like I’m a bit rusty on the scraplifting front, although it was a fun exercise and my layout came together in no time. Why not give it a go yourself? If you liked Linda’s layout too you can find more of her lovely work regularily in Scrapbook Memories and on her blog at Lou’s World where she also had a magnificant collection of published layouts including this one. Go check her out.

Favourite Scrappy Podcasts

I’ve been on a bit of a Scrapbooking Podcast binge lately, I’m not sure if my current rate of churning out layouts is inspiring the amount of podcast listening around here or if it’s working the other way around. In any case I thought it would be nice to share with you what I’ve been binge listening to lately.


Paperclipping Roundtable – the original scrappy Podcast

Lets just start with the obvious one right of the bat, Paperclipping Roundtable remains and forever will be a firm favourite. They cover so, so much of what makes us scrapbookers tick and every episode seems to have something wonderful to say. Not to mention the calibre of the guests they attract, if you haven’t found the Paperclipping Rountable by some fluke of nature get right on it and binge listen from the very beginning, do it while you clean your house or sit in traffic or whatever and you’ll find the time has never passed faster.20150422_2FavouriteScrappyPodcasts

Scrap Gals found courtesy of a post on Instagram by Katie Scott.

Tiffany and Tracie are such a fun duo and their southern accents are so charming, its just like sitting in on a conversation with friends and you’ll soon warm to these lovely ladies and their take on the scrappy world. I thought Paperclipping had covered everything there was to say on the topic of scrapbooking but somehow these gals have found even more to talk about.

20150422_3FavouriteScrappyPodcastsScrap Owl found via the itunes library

I’m not sure if these are even being produced anymore since the last episode was posted in November last year but even so it’s totally worth a listen. Renee Robins is such and energetic presenter and she has introduced me to so many scrappy people and places I never even knew existed. There is no such thing as too many scrappy podcasts, now is there.

20150422_4FavouriteScrappyPodcastsThe ScrapGeek Podcast found via Paperclipping (i think)

The Scrapgeek Podcast is to hybrid and digi scrappers what the Paperclipping Roundtable is to us paper gals. If your one of those gals whose into all things scrappy and techie its a must listen and even if you’re not into the tech side at all like me, it’s still worth a listen just for the shere scrappy goodness that’s over there.

20150422_5FavouriteScrappyPodcastsElise Gets Crafty found via her blog Enjoy it

While Elise may not be so deep in the scrappy world these days she still has plenty of scrappy cred as far as I’m concerned and a plethora of knowledge and just all around general wisdom when it comes to creative business. Her podcast has so many wonderful guests from various creative fields that it leaves you feeling inspired and empowered all at once.

Hope that gives you a little more fun in your day and spring in your step.

Companion Layouts

In August last year I started a layout about sending in my entry for the Scrapbooking Memories Masters Competition but I got a little stuck on my design and put it aside, as I sometimes do, to revisit later. After I’d finished it I thought that I really needed to make a layout documenting the fact that I did indeed get published and what my resulting thoughts and feelings were. So I pulled out my first layout to see what supplies I’d used, and if I could give the second layout a similar feel even though they will be in two separate albums (due to the fact I store my layouts chronologically by year). These types of layouts are what I loosely like to term Companion Layouts, they may not necessarily go so far as to use the same product, or be over a set time period, but they contain the thread of a story that carries over different layouts and reference previous layouts in some respect be it colour, design choices, or potentially even verbally in the journaling. It’s a bit like doing a Then & Now comparison of things but in real time scrapping.20150420_1CompanionLayoutsFor these particular layouts though I did really wanted to keep the look and design in a similar style. They’re not too far apart time wise (only a few months) and the style and colour choices are very much what I’m into at the moment. Due to the fact that these layouts are indeed about my scrapbooking I wanted my product choice to be quiet reflective of where I am right now in my scrapbooking journey, so I was sort of approaching it as a type of personal scrapbooking time capsule if you will. Pink and Turquoise are colours I seem to reach for over and over again, as are papers with a distressed style or a little bit of a vintage vibe.20150420_2CompanionLayouts20150420_3CompanionLayoutsThis first layout was sparked by that lovely pink and turquoise paper from Typo that hit all the right points. The Kaisercraft chandelier motif carries through each project, including the art journal cover which was part of my entry for the SBM Masters Competition as a way of making them feel cohesive. It was a motif that featured in the Kasiercraft Chanteuse Collection from a few years ago (2011, I think) and I’ve been lucky enough to have quite a variety of different products in my collection that feature it, rub-ons, stickers and of course the stamp set which was used on all three projects. The postage stamp paper (another Typo one) was used as a subtle element behind the journaling in my first layout as a nod to mailing in the entry. It became more of a feature on the second layout because the story was all about receiving the Scrapbooking Memories mag in which my project was featured and my journaling is all about the ‘happy mail’ . I love that even the pink of the cover and the softness of the layout featured fit so well too.

20150420_4CompanionLayoutsThe story arc is really the driving force behind tying the two together, where I celebrated the pursuing of the dream in the first I now celebrate the achievement of the dream in the second and bring all the parts of the story together as one. There was so much that I wanted to include to visually tell the story from photos of my original piece, ephemera, photos of the inside of the magazine as well as the cover and of course my journaling itself that it presented a bit of a design challenge to begin with. I really wanted the title to carry some visual weight but also make it as though the cover was letting the story unfold like it would if you read a magazine or book .20150420_5CompanionLayouts20150420_6CompanionLayoutsMy solution was to do a Heidi Swapp style memory file to house all the parts together and since I didn’t have any in my stash I made my own. I couldn’t decide on how many photos I wanted to include so I just included them all, embellishing some pages in the memory file and leaving some blank like Heidi does in her own. I even included a little screenshot from my Instagram  from when I found out just as an added little detail. Waiting so long to submit for publication seems rather silly now having done it once. As with a lot of things in life they seem harder/bigger the longer you put them off. Let’s hope this starts a new trend for me & you see a few more of my layouts in mags from now on.

20150420_7CompanionLayouts20150420_8CompanionLayoutsHave you got any larger stories you want to tell over a few layouts, or have you made a layout about something that you now have extra information or a wider perspective on? Would you like to expand upon it in your albums. Why not consider using some of the elements of one layout to influence the continuation of the story in your scrapbooks. Let me know if you do.

Pitter Patter and Pattern Play

I so love being pregnant. Not everything about it mind you but my overall feeling is one of joy and excitement with a little trepidation thrown in. In the spirit of having my scrappy mojo swing the way of baby stories of late I put together this layout to document the beginnings of my bump. I was in the mood for a little pattern play when creating this one and decided to channel my inner Paige Evans and go with some lovely bold patterns and repeat elements.20150417_1PitterPatterandPatternPlay Funnily enough I quite literally dreamt this layout into being. You know how you always seem to get those flashes of inspiration and great ideas right when you’re falling into or waking from sleep. Well this was one such idea. I made sure I did a quick little sketch after the idea came to me (always keep a pen and pad by my bedside) and got to work on it the very next morning. It was almost too easy to get this layout put together.20150417_2PitterPatterandPatternPlayUsing papers from a co-ordinating 12 x 12 paper pad took all the guess-work out of product selection, a few folds and cuts later and I had a collection of lovely bows to off-set against one another. While the patterns are quite bold I still wanted my photo to be the stand out of the page so I set it squarely in the middle with some subtle embossed and textured white on white matting behind it to pop it up a bit. I also kept my journaling lite, using a semi-transparent vellum tag and balanced it out with a lovely Heidi Swapp colour magic butterfly in my most favourite shade of teal.20150417_3PitterPatterandPatternPlayWhile I love the idea of doing a monthly photo shoot when your pregnant, in practice I don’t make it a priority. I am just not the most consistent at making sure that I have pregnancy photos, despite best intentions. Some how the over arching feelings of being too large and round, feeling less than stellar and tired beyond comprehension out way the desire to document my burgeoning belly on a regular basis. So for my last two pregnancies I have perhaps a total of about three preggo belly photo sessions. It would be nice to have some more but honestly I’m okay with the fact that I have any at all. I’m not sure I’ve seen a single photo of my mum pregnant with me or any of my siblings so while I may not have many the fact that I am documenting it at all feels like a win to me. During this pregnancy though I’d like to up my game a little and end up with about five so I started early.20150417_4PitterPatterandPatternPlayIf you do want some awesome and doable documentation of baby bumps and just life in general my friend Lou of Sunny & Scout Photography is an awesome gal to check out and as luck would have it, she and I happen to be pregnant at the same time again. Check out her super cool baby announcement.

Around Here

20150415_1AroundHere       We spent our Australia Day celebrating with fish and chips and a wonderful day at the beach.

20150415_2AroundHereMy lovely hubby and I enjoyed a day out just the two of us, eating yummy seafood and soaking up the quality time.

We fare-welled another set of wonderful friends and workers.

20150415_4AroundHereMy scrap space saw a much needed clean up.

20150415_5AroundHereWe began a new adventure as our beautiful boy started school.

20150415_6AroundHereWe settled in for a quiet Easter and just the right amount of chocolate indulgences.

20150415_7AroundHereI got to go on an awesome road trip with my fabulous sis-in-law and meet one of my favourite scrapping personalities,and whats more a bunch of other wonderful scrappers taboot.

20150415_8AroundHereThe whole house fought off an epic flu.

20150415_9-1AroundHere 20150227_3OneLittleWord2015I realized a long held dream getting published for the very first time.

20150415_10AroundHereOur family and our hearts just expanded by one extra heartbeat.