The Finishing Project – No Photo Pages

Because of the scale of this project I have found it necessary to divide it up into different subjects not only for ease of readability but to to get the most out of it, both in the scope and crafting of it. I wanted to cover so much of the experience that divide and conquer was definitely the method of choice. Therefore section titles were a necessity, 15 sections in total, documenting my initial thoughts at the beginning of my exchange experience to friends; major past-times like school and church; extracurricular activities; and closing thoughts on the whole thing. For the most part I do not include photos when crafting section title pages , so I thought this would be a fun thing to share around here – a little inspiration for photo-less layouts. 20150401_1TFPNoPhotoTitlePages Admittedly these layouts lean more to a simplistic style than some other photo-less layouts I’ve done. But given the nature of this particular project and the fact that I’m using a lot of older stash and techniques to get it done the simple approach is totally in keeping with the layouts I’ve already completed. The first layout I’m going to share is one I completed at the beginning of scrapbooking this album; the second one, I crafted this week. This is the title page for the first section in my album and was one of the first that I crafted for this project (maybe even the second or third layout I made, ever) if I remember rightly.  I am still such a fan of the papers here and I love the use of chalk to highlight different aspects of the map paper and other elements on the page giving them a common point of connection. Using a common technique is a really helpful method for creating unity on a photo-less layouts. 20150401_3TFPNoPhotoTitlePagesThe butterfly’s and vine embellishments are from a set of 3D buttons from which I trimmed the button loop from the back and adhered to my layout. Given the dimension these add they provide a point of interest to draw the viewers eye across the page along the diagonal line of embellishments providing a beginning and end point. Playing with dimension is another way to get more bang for your buck on a photo-less layout and you can go as simplistic or extravagant as you like with this one. 20150401_2TFPNoPhotoTitlePagesTrue to that era of scrapping my title is hand cut from cardstock, and that font still has my heart,  by centering it in the middle of the layout the emphasis is clearly on the title because that is the aspect of this particular photo-less layout that I want the focus to be drawn to. Because this section covers my initial application process and also the physical journey from Australia to the states, I believe the choice of elements really sets up the journey aspect of the experience a particularly useful tool for a section title because you are drawing the viewers attention to whats to come. 20150401_4TFPNoPhotoTitlePagesThis more recent layout shares an emphasis on title work too. The metal letters provide some whimsy and fun into this layout and the tag alphas (with the help of a little added dimension) draw out the tan/creamy colours of the Americana tags and brad trio. The tags themselves are clustered together and matted in a similar fashion to how one might mat a photo. Which just goes to show that using similar techniques like matting, clustering or distressing that you might do with a photo can work just as well in a photo-less scenario. Likewise the purple scrolled rub-on, brads and even that circle paper behind that Americana tags use the common technique of a visual triangle to move the eye around the page just the same as the diagonal example on the previous layout drew the eye from top to bottom. 20150401_6TFPNoPhotoTitlePages This layout is most definitely an ode to the ‘I love it to much to use it’ category of hoarded supplies. I just adore those metal letters and the tag alpha set that I have held onto both of them untouched for many years. They really were the sort of things that I kept for “a special layout”.  This far down the track though one of the best things about this project is that I am very much in the mindset of: use it if you love it. Besides it doesn’t get more special than the wonderful people who let me be part of their family and opened their home to me for an entire year without even knowing me.20150401_5TFPNoPhotoTitlePages I hope this inspires you to have a go at doing your own photo-less layouts. You don’t need to have a lot going on for them to be effective.

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