Meeting Heidi

I had the most awesome experience yesterday when I piled my kids, my sis-in-law, myself and a whole bunch of our junk into the car for a road trip to the Hobart Spotlight store to spend a little time with scrappy superstar Heidi Swapp. She’s in Australia for her Heidi Swapp Spotlight Tour as part of the Spotlight National Craft Month celebrations. To say I was excited would be an understatement. If you’ve spent longer than five minutes around here you will know I am a huge Heidi fan. I have loved her design aesthetic from the very beginning of my scrappy journey and her products since she began designing them. Not only that but she has been such a personal inspiration for me throughout, needless to say I have looked forward to this ever since it was announced.20150327_1MeetingHeidi We were a little late to the party just due to travel issues but we go there in plenty of time to join in the fun. Heidi demonstrated a lovely little ‘happy‘ mini using some supplies from her Wanderlust Memorydex system with all the lovely ladies who came and we had such great fun rifling through all that lovely product to choose bits and pieces for our own little happy project.20150327_3MeetingHeidi Speaking of lovely ladies one of the highlights for me was meeting all the other wonderful scrappers who came to join in the fun. Back in the day I spent all my scrappy time at crops but these days I am so much of a solo scrapper due to circumstance and not having anywhere or anyone to scrap with. Most of my wonderful scrappy connections are friends online and social media that I rarely get to spend any time with actual real-life scrappers (sidenote: Kim Jeffress and I actually recognized each other from our social media interaction lol). I couldn’t help exclaiming to my sister-in-law “I’m with my people” and I could not have loved spending time with these wonderful women more, they just ‘get’ this scrapbooking thing like no-one else. 20150327_2MeetingHeidiAnother demonstration Heidi made was with her fabulous Marquee Love letters. She told us all about how she came up with the concept when making decorations for a party a few years ago, but her husband is really the one who deserves credit for the design that allows the cords to sit so nicely in the back of the letter. We were all big fans and let’s just say there weren’t very many left on the shelves when she was done.20150327_4MeetingHeidiIt was a seriously amazing day and totally lived up to my expectations. If it’s possible I am even more of a Heidi fan after meeting her in person. She is so wonderfully positive and humble and knew exactly what it meant to all of us that she would sacrifice her time, energy, family commitments (and I’m guessing a little sleep) to visit all of us scrappy fans around Australia.20150327_5MeetingHeidiThankyou so much Heidi for visit and hopefully it won’t be too long until we see you again!

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