The Finishing Project: Everything Old is New

After exploring my old school style in my last Finishing Project post and doing a couple more layouts it got me thinking about how I could use older supplies using techniques and design choices that I equate with a more modern/now style of scrapping. I wondered if it would stand out like a sore thumb or really not make any difference at all in the grand scheme of the album. Lets call this an experiment in design. This double page layout about my church friends was a perfect candidate to try it out though.20150318_1TFPEverythingOldIsNewOne thing I consider very now is the use of patterned paper framing a layout, spend about three seconds in the Studio Calico gallery and you’ll see them all over the place. I knew that would be my starting point and since the only choices I’d made for this particular layout were the background paper and the photos, options were pretty wide open to begin experimenting with. I chose a green cardstock and stripped paper to complement the blue K & Company floral paper I’d already selected. My next design choice was the arrangement of my photos. With the rise and rise of Project Life and pocket scrapbooking the Grid is very much a staple of our scrappy existence these days, and I’d even go so far to say it has been since the beginning, so while it may not be a new thing it’s important not to forget the classics when experimenting with mixing old and new. My main design choice for this layout was to explore a grid set up and work my other elements in around it. I think unlike back when we started and wanted to keep every scrap of paper or embellishment because maybe we’d run out, that we have now realised we will never in a million years use all the stash some of us have accumulated. Hence the rise of clustering and throwing an entire packet of something on a single layout.20150318_3TFPEverythingOldIsNewI did remain a little more restrained than throwing a whole packet of Paper Pizzazz paper charms on here but only a little. Seriously if I haven’t used them by now, when am I going to. I chose the sheet of bronze paper charms because another thing I wanted to play with on this layout is our current penchant for Diecuts and metallic accents, the metals may look a little different these days but they have always been a ‘thing’ as far as I’m concerned. We scrappers also seem to like using many different types of media on our pages – while the rise of mists, gesso and dimensional media like glossy accents or modeling paste are not an option if I wanted to stay authentic to the time period, I still had a myriad of choices for adding media to my page if I wanted to go that route. Chalking, acrylic paint, embossing powder and stamping are all well and truly established media for having a little messy fun even on older style layouts, although I chose not to use any on this particular layout because I generally and historically have not included them in my scrapbooking. This was an interesting experiment for me, I honestly don’t think that this layout has any distinguishing features that make it stand out against any other layout in this album despite my approach of trying out modern methods. 20150318_2TFPEverythingOldIsNewAll of which begs the question – what is the difference between older style and new style, is there really much or one or do we only assume that things have changed so much because the products we use now are a little different? Because I know that these papers were from this year and those papers were from another year it tends to date my layouts for me, but aside from the product choices and the age of the products themselves I really can’t tell any difference. And in spite of the fact that I chose not to include any mixed media, perhaps it has been one of your go-to’s and you’d like to try conducting a similar experiment for yourself. I’d love to see what you come up with, feel free to share a link in the comments below and weigh in on the subject in the comments below.

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