The Finishing Project: Everything Old

So here we are with my first completed layout for The Finishing Project to go in my exchange album. Since this project has a fair component of kickin’ it old school. I thought I’d start with some favourite older techniques on this layout to warm me up and get me in the groove of what I loved to do back when I started it. I’d still like my layouts to have a cohesive look to them so I won’t be going crazy with mixed media and enamel dots which are very now in scrapbooking but I’m certainly not saying I won’t use newer supplies or techniques on other layouts. Part of the nostalgia I’m going through with this album is using up long loved supplies and revisiting fun stuff that have either become part of my repertoire of scrappy know-how or long forgotten things that I used to enjoy.20150311_1TFPEverythingOldSpeaking of long forgotten, part of reaching my Finishing Project goals is completing some half done layouts in this album. This particular one was quite literally half done. I had the patterned paper layered on the parchment paper, the photos (which are actually t-shirt transfers) on the jersey fabric, and matted with black cardstock, but the rest of the layout was blank. To finish it off and revisit my scrappy roots. I decided to keep the layout, techniques used and design in keeping with other layouts surrounding this one in my album. A bit of a case of not knowing what to say, was the reason it didn’t get completed at the time so I started by drafting my journaling first from notes I’d made to see what came out of that. My original plan was to just do a bullet style list of the favourite family activities shared by my host family but since I can’t remember so well nowadays I just expanded on items I’d already jotted down in my album plan. I’m guessing this particular layout was started sometime in 2005 judging from the Kelly Panacci paper that was one of the hot new things just new-in to my local scrapbook store and my absolute favourite line that year.20150311_2TFPEverythingOldTo begin with keeping things ‘of the era’ shall we say, I kept my product choices limited to a small stash of supplies. I have never been an overly embellished scrapper but let’s be honest were talking shortly after the days of cardstock and sticker sneeze here.  All of my product choices were kept to the same line of products because I was far more themey and matchy-matchy back in the day. While I did favour stickers and white-space in the form of cardstock above all else at the beginning of forming this album I’d like to think I kept it classy and didn’t go overboard with those stickers, so that’s what I tried to do here. They still remain a staple for me these days and have certainly become one of my go-tos so I guess some things never change. The roll of the stickers here was to frame the journaling area and bring the colours out of the papers up to the top portion of the layout. I also had a few pieces of ephemera that I wanted to include so incorporated them into this part of the design as well.20150311_3TFPEverythingOldMy next flashback technique was trying on an old friend and doing a little hand-lettering for my title. Talk about taking me back. One of the first things to capture my heart in scrapbooking was Heidi Swapp’s gorgeous hand-lettered titles and journaling. Although equally as popular at the time was using a font or stencil and making them your own, that’s the method I went with this time. If it’s been a while or you’ve simply never tried hand lettering a title I’ll break it down. First thing to do with a hand-lettered title is find a font or alphabet to copy, or stencil you like (for this technique I kind of did a bit of both). I had printed out a font long ago with both upper and lower case letters, which was then backed onto cardstock. I cut the letters I wanted to use out with an exacto-knife and used it as a stencil to write my title on the parchment paper. In a nod to my Heidi appreciation of old I chose to colour my title using some Derwent coloured pencils in colours pulled from the Kelly Panacci papers. I suppose we’d now call this a ombre effect, taking my colouring form lightest to darkest in three shades of the same colour for each word in the title. It does seem like a few more steps than my current favoured method of using Thickers and alpha stickers but gees it was fun to have a go at lettering like that again.20150311_4TFPEverythingOldTo be honest the only thing which I probably would not have done (in this particular album) at the time, was hand write my journaling. A lot of my text up to this point, in the album, was computer generated with only smaller snippets of journaling hand written. So most likely the large body of text would have been typed had I completed it at the time. In the interest of keeping things simple though and doing a bit more back-in-the-day scrapping I decided to use the time-honoured method of drawing lines on my layout and writing out my journaling before erasing them, don’t think I’ve done that in a while. I do feel it’s an essential method though when you have such a large body of text to work with.20150311_5TFPEverythingOldI’m quite pleased with how this turned out and had a great time revisiting old staples. If you were looking through my album I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t be able to point out that the two halves of this layout was completed ten years apart, or that it didn’t fit with those layouts surrounding it. I’m really looking forward to playing some more in this album and hopefully bringing some of my previous favourite scrappy things into my current process.

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