Epic Craftermath

One of my goals for 2015 is to do a whole-house declutter. Each month I have designated a room to tackle. January meant cleaning up the Storage Room, February was all about the Office and for March, well it’s time to meet the Scraproom head on. And it’s pretty safe to say my Scraproom is in need of an intervention. I have piles stacked upon piles and narry a spot to actually craft a layout. Oh my goodness this is going to take some cleaning up. Seriously how have I let things get this bad?20150304_1EpicCraftermathSo far though my decluttering process is one for one. January didn’t start off too bad but February was an abject failure for the office (I did declutter the boys room however). But because I was unwell I just couldn’t face the amount of work the office required it’s also part of what I am laying the blame on for why ‘yea ol’ Scraproom’ is in such a state. I just haven’t had the energy to deal with it. Now that I’m feeling a bit more sprightly I’m so ready to tackle this mess head on. Thankfully due to the great Declutter of 2013 it’s mostly just a matter of putting things where they belong. While it may not look like it now, most of this stuff does have a home to go to except for those couple of boxes down there next to my chair.

20150304_2EpicCraftermathMy main problem is that looking at all of this is somewhat overwhelming and actually stopping me from wanting to craft – and that simply will not do. My goals for the space are to first deal with the accumulated mess and then add some cosmetic upgrades that this room has been crying out for like curtains and recovering my storage boxes. I will be using many of the skills I learned in Organizing FUNdametals to get this lot under control, meanwhile reassessing whether my current way of organization is actually working for me or not. So here’s my plan of attack:


1. Get rid of the obvious rubbish (already started on that one see ->)

2. Re-home things that simply do not belong in this room.

3. Dump & Purge (whoops look like the dumping part has already happened)

4. Sort like items with like items

5. Asses containers and placement of supplies and adjust if necessary

6. Make cosmetic upgrades

It will be wonderful to move ahead with this space feeling fresh and clean and get some serious scrapping under my belt. Since the weather is already starting to cool off a little here in Tassie, the part I’m most looking forward to is having those curtains up and pretty in time for Winter. The Scraproom is one of the worst offenders when it comes to chill-factor in the cooler months.20150304_4EpicCraftermathSince this is also the first post for March it’s time to update you on my Scrap 365 goal for the month of February. All in all I completed a measly 5 layouts. Total bummer. But as part of my it all counts mentality with this, that takes the count to 43 layouts for the year so far. Slow progress but progress none-the-less and hopefully with a reinvigorated space March will see me churning them out like nobody’s business.

What are your crafty goals for March, got a disaster zone like me or any tips you’d like to share, feel free to leave a comment below.

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