One Little Word 2015

Now that Scrapbooking Memories Vol 17 No 8 is off the shelves I can finally reveal my One Little Word for 2015 (and my cover, which you may have seen a sneaky peek of in my previous post about getting published for the first time. Love saying that! Whoot, yep still excited). I was all set to go with the word ABUNDANCE for 2015 and put together the little art journal/mini I made for my Masters Entry. But after taking a bit more time to pray and ponder on my word, it turns out the word PRAY is one I really need give attention to in 2015. So I am going to do something I have never done before and have two words for the year. 20150227_1OneLittleWord2015

Because ABUNDANCE has been with me since creating my Masters entry way back in August, I’ve had a long time to think about it and settle into this word. For me it is all about changing mindsets. Over many years I’ve found myself falling into a default pattern of focusing on what I lack and the negative aspect of things. Noticing who I am not, and what I cannot do, more than my strengths and abilities and what can propel me forward. For sure there is a part of all of us that sees what others are doing and compares it to people we admire, but I think my comparison of late has been a little more of the kind that makes me feel deficient rather than being encouraged to rise to the challenge and use my unique characteristics and voice. For me this word epitomizes the fact that there plenty to go around, an ABUNDANCE in fact. I want to look at things from a place of having enough, and being enough, a perspective of being positive and joyous, and that there is an ABUNDANCE of joy and blessing and positivity and enough to go around.   20150227_2OneLittleWord2015

I have a feeling PRAY is going to be a bit more of an internal journey for me and I’m not sure what kind of lessons are waiting for me behind this one. I guess Prayer has become a little routine, a little bit of an after-thought sometimes. I can see the need for PRAY to be more a part of my life than it currently is and to be honest I’m not really feeling this one as much as ABUNDANCE, but I just have a real sense of it being necessary. Does that make any sense at all. I don’t doubt that Prayer is a powerful and life changing thing and I know that if I give in to this one whole-heartedly I’m going to see lasting change.20150227_3OneLittleWord2015ABUNDANCE is more of a mindset thing while PRAY is about going deeper, I’m sure they will take me on very different journey’s so with that in mind I want to take different approaches to how I document them. I’m going to embrace the art-journaling aspect of the Master’s Entry prompt and hopefully add a bit more of an artistic flair to the way I document ABUNDANCE. For PRAY on the other hand I’m going to take a more down the line approach and simply follow the prompts from Ali’s One Little Word class for 2015 as they are put to me.20150227_OneLittleWord2015My idea is to share a little from each album through out the year and just see what I come up with. As far as artistry goes this cover was one that stretched me massively to use artsy mediums and techniques I rarely dabble with. There’s my typical stickers and die-cuts which are go-to products for me but I chose to begin with a little bit of gesso and damask stencil work to start and then layer with stamping, rub-ons and embossing various stamped letters. I wanted to play on the opulent theme of the word ABUNDANCE and use script & chandelier motifs and gold & silver tones, anything that conjours a bit of old world glamour. As far as projects go I’d say this is the most reflective of me with the choice of damask and script and colour selection but also the furthest from my usual paper based structure and I am so pleased with how it turned out.

Sidenote: Hubby says he’s adopting SUCCESS and SLEEP as his words for 2015 it would seem that this One Little Word thing is catching on around here.

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