Another One Bites The Dust

I must admit I’m a little behind the eight-ball on this one, but I went into the local Newsagency today to grab what I thought would be a couple of copies of the fantastic Scrap 365 magazine from the UK, that I get put aside for me. I’d saved them up – or so I thought – for after the rush of Christmas, New Year and the start of school to savour in the blissful quiet of nap time, only to find that they are no longer publishing. Another sad loss for scrapbooking. 20150220_1AnotherOneBitesTheDustThe only reason I’ve found for the loss of such another great mag, is that the powers that be have decided they don’t want to keep publishing. I am and forever will be a die hard, print publication lover. There is nothing like sitting down with a cuppa and a great mag to read. Home decorating mags will keep me entertained for a bit but my goodness I devour scrapbooking mags, and not just once but again and again over time and in my personal opinion the ones with great articles are pure gold. Scrap 365 was definitely one of those, the articles were always well written and the layouts were so fantastic. I’ve bought every single issue, even sending off to the UK to fill in the ones I missed in the beginning – this was a great magazine. 20150220_2AnotherOneBitesTheDustScrap 365 had such an uber talented group of scrappers that made up their core group of submissions and I am totally going to miss the wonderfully modern and creative talents of those lovely ladies. While I have no idea what constitutes good sales and what will keep a mag from hitting the dog-pile (or what will actually convince magazine publishers to stop getting rid of great content). I do know that there are still those of us out there who love and appreciate all the work that goes into creating wonderful magazines and there are a lot of dissapointed and sad readers such as myself who are going to miss another great publication. I do wish they would stop pulling the pin on great publications like this and others that are no longer with us like Creating Keepsakes and Simple Scrapbooks. Any suggestions on where to go for inspiration now? R.I.P. Scrap 365 you will be missed.

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