December Daily Recap

I love seeing a collection of layouts together for completed projects so I thought someone else might like to see my completed December Daily Album, but if for nothing else than my own personal amusement and sense of accomplishment having all my December Daily layouts in one place, is just plain fun. I really love this project and I hope you do too. Enjoy!01122014_1DD2014Cover08122014_1DD2014Day1 10122014_1DD2014Day2 10122014_4DD2014Day3 12122014_1DD2014Day4 12122014_3DD2014Day5 12122014_6DD2014Day515122014_1DD2014Day615122014_3DD2014Day717122014_1DD2014Day819122014_1DD2014Day920150121_1DecemberDaily10to1520150121_3DecemberDaily10to1520150121_7DecemberDaily10to1520150121_9DecemberDaily10to1520150121_11DecemberDaily10to1520150127_1DecemberDaily16to2020150127_3DecemberDaily16to2020150127_5DecemberDaily16to2020150127_7DecemberDaily16to2020150127_9DecemberDaily16to2020150202_1DecemberDaily21to2520150202_3DecemberDaily21to2520150202_5DecemberDaily21to2520150202_7DecemberDaily21to2520150202_9DecemberDaily21to2520150202_11DecemberDaily21to25


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