December Daily: Days 21-25

So here it is, the final installment of my December Daily 2014. This project just seemed to get more fun and more inspired as it went on and these were the most enjoyable layouts to put together of the whole process. Least of which because they include some of my favourite elements and probably fulled by the fact that I was ‘this close’ to being done.

20150202_1DecemberDaily21to25 20150202_2DecemberDaily21to25

Day 21 was all about the fun tee-pee I made for my boys. I have wanted one of these for my kids since David was in utero and this seemed like the perfect year to actually make it happen. You know how you get those ideas that take hold and won’t let go until you do something about them, this was one that really need to come to life. I bought an entire bolt of that lovely teal fabric during a Spotlight Stocktake Sale, dare I say maybe 9 or more years ago with the mind to make curtains and it has been wonderfully used for many a crafty project ever since (but never curtains as a matter of fact). It’s powers of inspiration don’t seem to be loosing their potency either as it was again the inspiration behind the aqua/teal colour combo of this layout. I love how the colours just pop against the cream background paper and the fact that it pulled together bits and pieces from my stash that I have been dying to get on a layout since forever. Especially those large shaped stickers that house my journaling, they are so fun. 20150202_3DecemberDaily21to25 20150202_4DecemberDaily21to25I had a similar issue with my first layout for Day 22 as I did when I used the same Christmas tree paper on Day 1 – what to do with that silly Christmas tree? Lets face it large immovable objects on my background papers are just not my cup of tea. Add in a bunch of photos from our Christmas tree hunt and things got even more complicated. I started layering my washi in a visual triangle to get your eye to move around the page and inspired by the sequins craze of the moment concocted my own ‘paper sequins if you will to be placed next to the washi. The photo problem was solved with a cascade style photo element allowing them to take up a smaller area on the page and yet still allow the complete story to be told. The other issue was suddenly eliminated when I started layering vintage ephemera style elements from a fantabulous Typo paper pad, Travel the World, the has me swooning every time I use it. The postcard element was especially helpful in providing me with something to span just the right amount of space over both halves of the page and conveniently provide me with a wonderful spot to journal. Christmas tree problem, what Christmas tree?20150202_5DecemberDaily21to25 20150202_6DecemberDaily21to25

I couldn’t let my 2014 December Daily or my Day 22 story go without a full layout of the decorated tree. The fact that my mum was here for the hunting, gathering and decorating makes this my favourite tree day layout of all my albums. I always make sure I include a whole tree image in each years album, but since the story was covered on the previous layout all this one needed was my photos and a little light embellishing. This time the inspiration was found via the Studio Calico member gallery. I’ve noticed a trend there, that a lot of people like to edge their layouts with strips of patterned paper along the top and bottom and either stitch or glue them down in an interesting fashion. I kept mine super simple as is my own take on things but will be trying the technique on a 12×12 layout with stitching when I don’t have already adhered papers to contend with.20150202_7DecemberDaily21to25 20150202_8DecemberDaily21to25

While we’re on the subject of Studio Calico, I had ordered a wood burning tool way back in November with the mind to make some Christmas decorations like these and a Christmas present or two but it didn’t arrive til the 22nd so the 23rd was all about last-minute gift making and getting my parents decorative tray made. Day 23 also saw the return of some Christmas ephemera in the use of wrapping paper as background paper. While I don’t think it was as successful as the gold paper used for the 19th, it is certainly not the garish red of the 17th and therefore a better result as far as I’m concerned. It was also a good day for adding in some more of the lovely black and white stickers that adorned my 2014 album cover. I especially liked the idea of adding the phone sticker in due to the fact that this particular gift required calling in a favour to get it complete. Thank God for helpful neighbors who have expertise in carpentry.20150202_9DecemberDaily21to25 20150202_10DecemberDaily21to25

While mum arrived ahead of time to help a gal out with Christmas preparations (again thank you God), Christmas Eve was the day for the rest of tribe to arrive. So when she was gathering people I was gathering together the last-minute elements of our Christmas Day celebrations and just making sure everything was good to go. The main event on Christmas Eve is always our Christmas Eve service and for me it was especially wonderful to have both sides of my family together in the one place. I am so blessed to have such wonderful people in my life that having most of them in the one place just makes me giddy with happiness. But as always I still stayed up way past my bedtime getting gifts wrapped and things squared away in order to just chill come Christmas day. The late hour was not helped at all by the fact that we arrived home after a somewhat of a longer detour than normal, taking not just the back-roads but the back-back roads home. No thanks to my son who is always up for a drive on the ‘bumpy road’, my sister-in-law (aka the city girl) who was enthusiastic about the prospect of some four-wheel driving, my husband who was happy to oblige them both and a closed road that meant our usual route took somewhat of an interesting turn along bush tracks and over fallen trees. I’m sure none of them will forget that little adventure in a hurry, I know I certainly won’t.20150202_11DecemberDaily21to2520150202_12DecemberDaily21to25Instead of writing in great detail what the festivities of Christmas Day were like I went with a photo heavy grid style layout to hit all the regular points of the day and show some of the details unique to this day. The pattern of our day is generally the same, so I figured it would be easy enough to follow along with the photos. If I really wanted to I could always add an extra page on the back and just write some thoughts on the day out as my end page for the album but in all honesty I’m really quite happy to just leave it at the photos. As far as embellishing I took a look back through the rest of my album and pulled in bits and pieces of elements used on the previous pages to make the 25th the day that it all comes together.

Oh how I have enjoyed this process and oh how fabulous it feels to be DONE! Believe it or not this is the very first time that I have finished my album this soon after Christmas. It is an amazing feeling to be heading into the rest of the year with this project over with and not still hanging over my head as yet another unfinished project. And might I say it didn’t hurt as far as my Scrap 365 count goes either, as of last count I am at a whopping 38 layouts for the month of January. Way to start of the year off with a bang, that is unheard of in my scrappy world. Most of those layouts were part of December Daily and it has certainly been eye-opening in helping discover what works to get layouts produced quickly. The news isn’t new but it is a great reminder – limit your supplies, use whats on your desk, repeat and reinvent with what you have and plan well. A great way to move forward to less structured scrapping for the rest of the year. I’d love to see how your December Daily went. Leave a link in the comments below and I’d love to go check out your stuff too.

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