December Daily: Days 16 to 20

There is definitely a pattern running through the supplies I’ve been using for December Daily 2014. While a clear stand out is the use of project life cards that keep showing up on many a layout. I have a few other favourites like washi tape and a certain packet of Kaisercraft Take Note Die-cut shapes that have made more than a few appearances too. For the next set of pages it would seem that ephemera was the order of the day. Since these ones were completed after Christmas Day I was able to do one of my favourite things and include some of the cards and wrapping papers from this specific Christmas in my album.20150127_1DecemberDaily16to20 20150127_2DecemberDaily16to20It just so happened that the bauble-snowflake card was the perfect size for this layout about the 16th. I’d already printed my photos and was looking for something else to add to the page when I found the card. The shape, colour and simple design were just the ticket for documenting my Pinterest inspired holiday craft. I am a huge fan of Pinterest when it comes to planning my Christmas celebrations, the ability to add visuals and ideas and instructions all together in the one place is so helpful and really helps me to narrow down the things that I want to make each year. Especially the visuals part. While my Christmas binder is great for all the list I want to keep track of. My Pinterest board acts as more of a visual feast for the overall look and feel I want for the celebrations. I’ve seen wreaths hanging in beautiful windows all over Pinterest and have wanted to attempt my own for a few years. We have these lovely large windows that look out on our garden, that are just the perfect spot for them. Though mine are certainly not the perfectly sculptured examples of Pinterest fame I was still pretty excited with how they turned out and dressed up that area of the house.20150127_3DecemberDaily16to20 20150127_4DecemberDaily16to20The 17th seemed a good day to include some of the habits that are part of my/our everyday routine. Given the different focuses of these habits though I chose to document it over two double page spreads. The first spread is a new habit I’m cultivating. At the encouragement of some local mums I began attending a fitness group during December. Its held in a local park so I can bring the kids, they get to play on the playground, and we all get to hang out with other people and make connections and as a side benefit I get fit too. Since it was something new I wanted to make it part of the story of this month. (But to protect the innocent in all our lycra clad workout gear I’ve chosen not to share it here on the ol’ blog.) Another habit I try to do on a regular basis is spend a bit of time in the Word. I have a little Bible app on my phone that has a Verse for the Day for every day of the year and along with other tools I try to use them on as regular a basis as possible. This days verse seemed particularly impactful to me. It was a great reminder in the midst of all my busy-ness and running around to think about and focus on the important aspects of this time of year and bring my focus back to where it should be. I had noticed that this year I was spending a lot of time and energy on trivial things and kind of having the meaning of Christmas left out of the mix. Again on this one I used some more ephemera – this time wrapping paper but in all honesty I’m thinking it looks a little garish and not quite suited to my colour palette. It’s stuck down pretty well – so any suggestions on how I might tone it down without wreaking the rest of the layout would be greatly appreciated?

20150127_5DecemberDaily16to20 20150127_6DecemberDaily16to20We spent Day 18 making a huge dent in gathering much needed supplies for finishing off Christmas presents, crafts and the all important Christmas Day menu. It also provided me with the knowledge that if I ever needed a get-a-way driver I need look no further than my husband. We were in fine form going from one store to another to grab the necessary items and finished our shopping in record time. It was really quite comical. We got so much done in such a short space of time that we even managed to spend a fair portion of the afternoon chasing each other around the park in the rain, which was totally in keeping with my reminder from the 17th. It was a fantastic day. In all the fun and excitement however I forgot to grab out my camera and snap a few photos. Since a lot of the stops on our list are places we frequent I figure I can grab some pics next time I’m in town and put together a little collage to put in the spot I’ve reserved for photos. I played up on the theme of Santa’s list again with my choice of paper. Given that my Christmas binder was an incredibly helpful source of knowing what I needed and where to get it from on the day. The gift tags on the side provided me with my ephemeral element for this layout since they were too cute to pass over.20150127_7DecemberDaily16to20 20150127_8DecemberDaily16to20Another day and another Christmas decoration. I like adding little festive touches in the bedrooms and sometimes it might just be a simple little tree or a few Christmas ornaments, nothing too over the top or difficult to clean up after the fact. This year since I had family coming to stay I was all about the garlands. For my parents room I went with a star garland made from book paper and a large cardboard star made using this technique here found via Pinterest, of course. I chose to use a similar technique and some book print scrapbooking paper to mimic the same thing in my page design. This time and I think more successfully I again used wrapping paper for my background. The gold Merry Christmas script was what I used to wrap all of the presents we gave and I like how it works with the black elements of the page. I also did some post processing on my photos and added a vignette around the edge to concentrate the emphasis on the garland rather than the stark bedroom walls.

20150127_9DecemberDaily16to20 20150127_10DecemberDaily16to20The 20th was a bit of a dud day. I’d planned to work on some more gifts but instead found it was the last day to drop off another task I’d been working on during the month. So instead of crafting I’d driven into Launceston to drop it off only to find the information was wrong and they weren’t even open. On top of which my phone died so I couldn’t even make alternative arrangements. Talk about frustrating. Instead of documenting that and having a whinge I decided I needed a win for the day and went with this instead. At first glance you may not even realize that I used ephemera on this layout but in fact my “photographs” are my ephemera. A set of gifts that I managed to accomplish early on in November were some wedding photo books for various members of my family. The “photographs”  here were actually the proofs sent with the albums. They consist of the album covers, first page and last page. Being the photograph taking, paper loving, album making type that we scrapbookers are, this was definitely the most fun gift to put together for me. That and the fact that they were done early in the piece helped to provide me with a lot of the incentive to go with my handcrafted gifts for the rest of my recipients, thus it was the perfect cure for a dud day.

I really can’t get over how fun it is to craft an album like December Daily. I so enjoy noting both the big and small occurrences that happen through out the month and love the way that this project captures different stories from year to year. These pages tell of stories that have been years in the making, some that are snapshots of barely a moment and others that simply capture the essence of our everyday reality during December, and yet they all find a home in this one album – love that.

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