December Daily: Days 10 -15

So I took a little break on crafting my December Daily about the middle of December to concentrate on my other Christmas Crafts and making some gifts for family. But I have been steadily working on it in fits and spurts ever since hoping to get it all completed during January and finish it all up. I’m feeling a bit pumped that I am so close to having it done, but it’s about time I shared the remaining pages with you – so without further ado I bring you days ten through fifteen.20150121_1DecemberDaily10to1520150121_2DecemberDaily10to15Day ten was just an average day around here a bit of crafting, a lot of housework and playing with my boys. When the housework and the playing morphed into my boys building a fort for the first time I knew I had to turn mum-a-razzi on them and snap away. I have such great memories of building cubbie houses and secret caves with my siblings out of the couch and whatever manner of blankets, chairs and cushions we could find. It’s such a rite of passage for childhood and here it was unfolding before my eyes. The boys were so imaginative and grabbed all sorts of boxes and toys to add to their house and spent the entire afternoon just creating and playing. My favourite part was when David grabbed some recently dry artwork they’d done and decided to decorate the ‘roof’. Although his kitchen was pretty impressive too.20150121_3DecemberDaily10to15 20150121_4DecemberDaily10to15The eleventh was notable because we sent a bunch of calves off-farm to where we get them agisted (basically where someone else takes care of your stock to feed/pasture them for a specified time frame & fee), it’s really the last step in our calf rearing process and a rewarding point to get to. When they return back to us they will essentially be teenagers (or heifers in farming terms) and no longer ‘my babies’. I especially love that last pic in the bottom right corner of the layout with both the truck and the calf shed. Since the calf shed is where most of my hard work happens it’s like the beginning and end of things. With so many pictures on this page I kept my colour palette to tones of brown and gold and classic black and white to not make it to visually overpowering. I’m not entirely sure about the balance achieved in my embellishment cluster but figure if it really bugs me I can always come back and tweak it later.20150121_5DecemberDaily10to15 20150121_6DecemberDaily10to15On the twelfth, I spent the entire day chained to my sewing machine whipping up Christmas presents. Since I was going for a Handcrafted Christmas I decided that three of the gifts I would give would be casserole carriers. They are so useful for taking meals in to bring and share events and I thought they would be especially helpful for each of the recipients. I selected my fabric based on the individual style and personalities of the people getting them but it made for a really interesting time trying to put this spread together. Especially considering the shade of green in the background paper. I loved how the doilies made the photos pop a bit more and settled the awful tint the green paper gave them but I am just not sure about the lack of colour in my chosen embellishments, it’s just a bit – meh. Oh well you live and learn.20150121_7DecemberDaily10to15 20150121_8DecemberDaily10to15I feel like the thirteenth was a far more successful layout. The colours have a much more cohesive feel and the embellishments add a nice touch especially the little cross-stiched holly piece. Since December Daily is a reflection of our daily life and this the first year that I have blogged during the month of December I thought it warranted a page in my album. Given all that goes on in December and the added pressure I put on myself in crafting my gifts I did sort of wonder if I would be able to manage everything I’d committed to, but instead of the blog being another form of pressure it actually worked in an opposite fashion. I found that blogging kept me focused and mindful of this project and actually acted as a form of accountability and impetus to continue. I’m sure that after a couple of years as a blogger I will love looking back at this album and remembering how new it still is now.20150121_9DecemberDaily10to15 20150121_10DecemberDaily10to15Sunday fell on the fourteenth so it was pretty much business as usual around here. Church, home, family time. For some reason I didn’t take a lot of photographs on this day but this one was a clear stand out. I used it to document the changes I’ve noticed lately in the maturity of my son and just really have a snapshot of what he is like right now. Specifically as it relates to his imagination and the things he latches onto and focuses on. I wanted a large journaling area and chose to super-size my journaling block based around a label shape that is popular at the moment. It would seem that I am all about the neutral colour palette in this project with no great emphasis on bold colours, perhaps that’s why the layout for the twelfth is a little jarring.20150121_11DecemberDaily10to15 20150121_12DecemberDaily10to15The fifteenth denotes another set of Christmas gifts, this time for younger members of the family with some hand-painted wooden dolls. They were so fun to sketch and make up and definitely well received, which makes me insanely happy. I used this layout as an excuse to dive into my over-abundance of tags and play on the theme of gifts with some ” To:, From:” Christmas labels and like the previous day mat my photos. I’ve rather got out of the habit of matting photos these days probably since I overdosed on it in the early 2000s. I do think it adds a little something-something to a layout and there are some experts out there like Aimee Dow of Betwixt & Between who seem to have a real knack for striking a balance with it. Me I’m not so sure I possess it.

Please tell me I’m not the only one, are you still working away at your album or have you managed to complete it and move on to something new?


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