Talk About Happy Mail!

I am totally freaking out! I can’t believe it, you know how I did that thing that scared the crap out of me, well guess what it paid-off! My hubby came home with a lovely little surprise in the mail yesterday. It was a copy of the latest issue of Scrapbooking Memories, which could only mean one thing…20150115_1TalkAboutHappyMailI’VE BEEN PUBLISHED!!!!!!!!!

Cue happy dancing, hollering’s of Woo Hoo and crazy jumping! (yep I was just a little bit excited…) Since my subscription has lapsed I knew that the only reason for there to be lovely little magazine in the mail was because I’d earned an Honourable Mention for one of my Scrapbooking Memories Masters entries. I was so busy doing my crazy happy dance and far too excited for it to be reasonable, that I even let hubby break it open and go looking for my submission first. Really it didn’t make any difference what got in there just that ‘something’ did.

This is the very first time I’ve submitted anything for publication – ever. So I’m standing by my completely over-the-top reaction. 14 years, god only knows how many layouts, an incredibly huge passion for this amazing hobby and conquering fears like a boss, that is what this is all about. Can I just say – I am so proud of myself, you have no idea what a big deal this is. I have thought so many times about submitting and so many, many times I have talked myself out of it. So many times I’ve been too chicken. But it gets better…

The category that my work was recognized in, was for Task Four – the Art Journaling cover. I have never art journaled before either, this was my very first attempt. Take a look around this blog and you’ll find the odd technique or two but I’m not exactly known for my mixed media work, which is what I think of when I think Art Journaling. I love the work of artists like Julie Fei-fan Balzer, and May Flaum (who coincidentally has an art journaling class coming up very soon) but my personal style is far more linear and contained. so this task was by far the furthest out of my comfort zone.20150115_2TalkAboutHappyMailI chose to use it as an excuse to get a (very) early start on my One Little Word album for 2015 which is why I’ve been holding out on you and not shared what it is yet but since I can only show you a little sneaky-peaky of my Art Journal cover until the publication period is up you’ll just have to guess what direction I’m taking with this one. Of course if you’re really curious you can always go check it out in the magazine, just head on over to page 92 to see the cover I made.

I am so Crazy-Happy right now. This is totally a dream come true. I think I’ll be happy dancing for days. Woo Hoo!

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