Inspired Scrapbooking Year in Review

As you may well be aware I had the wonderful privilege of spending 2014 in the company of Stacy Julian and some amazingly talented scrapbookers during Inspired Scrapbooking over at Big Picture Classes. This class was a fantastic way to spend a year and the scope of it allowed for some varied subjects and layouts but gave enough focus to get the ideas spinning and narrow down what stories I wanted to get told and into my albums.

All in all I completed over 18 layouts inspired by the prompts and challenges during Inspired Scrapbooking. While I didn’t necessarily follow the exact challenges offered I did manage to scrap something on each subject and often multiple things. Best yet I still have a plethora of ideas on each topic to keep me going for quite a while.15092014_1InspiredRitualsI really quite enjoyed the pace of this class. Most other classes keep to a much shorter time line of four to six weeks and whilst that is great for maintaining energy and really focusing in on the subject matter more often than not I find other commitments can pull me away during the course of the class and I don’t end up finishing all the prompts. Often I will come back to them later when I need a spark of inspiration but by then the community and sense of sharing that you get in the class message boards has dissipated or gone altogether. With Inspired Scrapbooking we were all able to share with one another for the whole 12 months and really get to form relationship, you could do as much or as little as you liked and the no pressure attitude just made it a really joyful thing to be a part of.20150114_1InspiredScrapbookingReviewAnother bonus of a year long class I found was that Stacey provided us with a class syllabus at the beginning so we knew what topics we would be covering. This allowed me to work at a pace that fit with whatever was going on in my life at the time. For quieter months I could jump right into the topic as soon as the months prompts went live and for busier months I could do some thinking and plan ahead for the topics that were still to come or catch up on the month previous if I’d had precious little scrapping time.

I really found myself hanging out for Stacy’s monthly videos, she is really like a breath of life and her positivity and enthusiasm are just so encouraging and infectious. When I grow up I’d love to be such a wonderfully positive influence as Stacy or at least be lucky enough to hang out with her. That would be super cool. By far the most memorable one was for the topic of FUN. Even if you weren’t in the class, if you know of Stacy, I’m sure you can imagine just  how wonderfully silly she can be.20150114_2InspiredScrapbookingReviewI chose a few of my favourite layouts created as a result of Inspired Scrapbooking to showcase here today, as you can see the subjects were quite varied. From a design perspective I love the layout Everyday made for the Rituals subject with its vibrant yellow and black combo and I know I’ve banged on about learning to drive a manual car as it relates to my OLW last year but perhaps my Story of Car layout made for the month focused on Things will help explain just why it was so difficult for me to let go of the old one. The layout featuring David was so perfect for the topic of Personality, with such and expressive face how could you not be drawn in. It’s just so indicative of him at this age and could have totally worked for the topic of Fun too because from a sheer enjoy.  20150114_3InspiredScrapbookingReviewThanks so much for coming along with me for the ride. What has been your greatest source of inspiration during the past year?

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