Jot Mag January Mood Board


I can see a little trend happening in the ol’ scrap room at the moment, big bold bright colours and lots of them. Perhaps it the summer heat or the vibrancy of a shiny bright new year but whatever it is my colour palette at the moment is decidedly peppy. So imagine my delight when checking out the newest of Jot Mag Mood Board challenges. It would seem that Kim and the Jot Girls are up for a bit of fun too and inviting us all to join the party. 20150109_2JotMagJanuaryMoodBoardI adore the choice of colours here and all that lovely confetti going on, so originally I thought I’d go for something purple with lots of sparkly stuff to play off the confetti thing. Not only that but I love an excuse to get my favourite colour on a layout. I know some scrappers say its hard to work with but I just love it.  When I went looking for a story however, I serendipitously had these photos and paper buttons out waiting on a layout. They’re from my sisters surprise baby shower and fit right in with the celebration theme bright pinks and blues became the order of the day. 20150109_1JotMagJanuaryMoodBoard20150109_3JotMagJanuaryMoodBoardHot pink or pink of any hue has long been a favourite of my favourite youngest sister and always makes me think of her. Not only is it a nod to her personality but I really think it brings out the lovely blues in her outfit and pops against the gorgeous green grass of the photo.  The vibrant colours in my photos really demonstrate the rainbow of colour in the mood board but I couldn’t help add in that little  ‘picture perfect’ embellishment to bring them all together in one spot.20150109_JotMagJanuaryMoodBoardThe other main element of this layout, the paper buttons, were a table decoration from the party and scattered around like confetti, so while not a literal interpretation of the confetti idea they certainly fit the bill. A little yellow twine helped tie them in nicely and add that extra zing. 20150109_4JotMagJanuaryMoodBoardThis was a really fun day and I love that the layout conveys that mood so well. I’d like to try using the same palette with some softer hues too and see what I can make of them, perhaps even use them all on the same layout. These Jot Mood boards are always so much fun and there are just so many directions they can take you in that it’s hard to just choose one.

6 thoughts on “Jot Mag January Mood Board

  1. Hello Jen! Wow! You are so inspiring! I found your blog last night through instagram and proceeded to read through the whole thing. I feel like I’ve known you forever! I too have been following the industry for many years. (I knew I had found a lifelong passion when I picked up the first issue of Creating Keepsakes Magazine so many years ago.) Through a combination of your talents in writing and scrapbooking and the way you talk about the people I admire, you have captured my attention and my heart. I love your renewed spirit for scrapbooking, your post about your OLW, and the fact that we have taken many of the same classes along the way.
    I am inspired and reenergized to not only start blogging again, but also to tackle scrapbooking traditional layouts again. (The last few years I have been working on pocket/Project Life scrapping.)
    Thank you for sharing yourself and your talents with me. Your blog has been added to me daily reads. I look forward to following you on your journey!
    Jenny (@erxmo1 on instagram)

    • Wow, what can I say but thank you Jenny. I am completely humbled by your comment. Thank you so much for taking the time to look around here. How funny is it that I took a look at your site too courtesy of Instagram. Are you taking One Little Word or Capture 30 at the moment? I’m really enjoying everything about the latter and it is certainly helping me set goals and achieve them, hoping that good habits now will help me keep them going throughout the year. It’s so fantastic to hear about yours, you can totally do this, all the best with the blog and your scrappy goals.

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