December Daily: Day Nine

It’s official my Day 4 layout has been well and truly superseded by Day 9. I had such a gloriously good time making this one and am crazy about the result. Day Nine started out as a bit of a dud to tell you the truth. I didn’t really have a story to tell since it was one of those I’ve-been-crafting-too-much-and-the-house-look-like-a-bomb-hit-it kind of clean up days. Not only that but like I said I’d put that Santa Claus paper in place for my day eight layout when there was just no way it was going to work with birthday photos so it got bumped up to Day Nine. Enter magnificent inspiration… it was really one of those DUH, why haven’t I thought of this before things.19122014_1DD2014Day9   My Christmas plans live and die on my ability to get them out of my head and on paper. I have lists for everything. I love this time of year so much that I go into a kind of Christmas crafting frenzy, December Daily is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s decorations to craft, gifts to be made and then there’s the wrapping – I love me some fun wrapping. Being the ideas girl that I am, you can bet they flow fast and freely at this time of year, so keeping track of my plans and my progress is paramount or I’d fall into a heap. That’s where my Christmas Control Journal comes in. It started out as an innocent Flylady Holiday Control Journal and has morphed into my own personal idea of heaven. Despite it being an essential piece of my Christmas preparation I have never thought to say anything about in any of my December Daily’s.19122014_4DD2014Day9I had the idea to house my list pics in a kind of Heidi Swapp Memory File type arrangement but since I’ve never bought one and am still on my Frozen 30. I was all about ‘using what ya got’ for this one. I concocted my own Memory File type arrangement out of DIY Shop Project Life cards and various gathered/hoarded items from my stash, including some gold foil paper stock that has waiting for something beautiful since my uni days.19122014_3DD2014Day9These letters are another of my hoarded items and came in the same type of arrangement as my 1800 Tags so it was fantastic to get so many of them on here and I just love how the fond and colour fits so well with the color scheme on this layout. As for Santa himself I really did wonder the first time I saw this paper just how I was going to be able to work around him and what kind of design he could possibly fit with, but I absolutely adore the pop of red he adds to the page and how he inspired the subject matter. 19122014_2DD2014Day9Just a heads up I have my family coming to our place for Christmas this year and some major, major cleaning and crafting to do before they get here so this will likely be my last post before Christmas. Wishing you all the best and merriest Christmas Day and hope it’s awesome!

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