December Daily: Day Six & Seven

In my post for day one I spoke about knowing what’s most important to your storytelling and explained that I see December Daily as more of a family album than my own personal documentation. Naturally then, it falls that there’s got to be some stories about the farm and our day-to-day reality featured in it. Day Six was one of those days where things were happening on the farm and just ripe for a December Daily entry.15122014_1DD2014Day6My husband has wanted to fix the lanes on this property ever since we arrived and this was the day that it finally got done.  If your unfamiliar with farming, property improvements are by necessity or design things that get put on the back burner until the milk price is right or no disaster has befallen something and it needs fixing now (always happens) or the perfect storm of circumstances arrive. It’s been a job waiting in the wings for what seems like forever, so when we had a load of dirt from another job that just had to go somewhere, topping up the lane was the perfect fix. The best thing about it was that he was the one that suggested I go out and photograph it – love when that happens. I love that this is something my family feel inclined to help create even if it’s just suggesting a topic and it’s another one of the reasons why this is more of a family album, their stories matter.15122014_2DD2014Day6Side benefit of farming is that my boys get to see all the excavators, scrapers, bulldozers and trucks their little hearts desire. It’s like little boy heaven. So I didn’t have any trouble convincing them to come out and take a look with me.15122014_3DD2014Day7Day Seven was a Sunday and therefore a church day. We have a lovely community of people at our church and one of the things they like to do is bake a cake for anyone with an upcoming birthday during the next week. Since Joseph was the man of the hour this week he got the cutest cake made for him complete with Tiny Teddies in little Mars Bar cars. How adorable is that. Being the first Sunday of the month also meant that it was a Church Lunch day were we all bring and share a main and a dessert and just hang out and enjoy each others company. So most of this day was filled up with friends and family and rounded out nicely with an impromptu dinner invitation and visit from his aunt and uncle in the evening.15122014_4DD2014Day7I kept the palette fairly neutral for this layout using some papers from a 6×6 Kaisercraft travel themed line called Check in and also cut apart some bits and pieces from a sheet out of Teresa Collins Summer Stories 6×6 pad. With a little Crate Paper Love Notes thrown in for good measure. I’m thinking I want to add a little more colour to it though and might see what I can find in similar hues to the blue and red on some of the pieces.


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