December Daily 2014: Day Four & Five

I think this one is my favourite spread so far. It is so super simple but effective, I love that red patterned paper and the fussy cut banner from the same Kaisercraft Yuletide collection I’ve used for my album, but those deer were just to adorable not to get them on here. They were given to the boys by their teacher at our last playgroup session for the year and totally make the page. The journaling is on a ledger pattern PL card from the DIY Shop Value Kit that I cropped the rounded edges off to fit my design. While the photos speak for themselves about what we actually got up to I chose instead to focus on the changes that attending this playgroup signifies for my journaling.12122014_1DD2014Day4 We’ve attended the same playgroup since my eldest was a baby but this year we changed it up for various reasons, one being that he will be heading off to school and we wanted to get him used to the new environment. It’s been good for us to get to know some people associated with the school and for him to meet some kids his own age who will likely be going through school with him. While I miss our friends from the other group and the fact that their faces are missing from this years album  its been a good year and we’ve all enjoyed the changes.12122014_2DD2014Day4The 5th was an extremely busy one for us, so busy in fact that I’ve given in a four page spread. We needed to do some shopping and had to head into Launceston to get it done. The main center of town is always filled with a busker or two, especially at this time of year, but I was rather surprised to see someone playing a piano as we went about our shopping. It turned out that the piano was not just someone’s idea of a way to make a buck, but in fact something for everyone’s enjoyment and entertainment. As we walked up and down the street we saw and heard people of various levels of ability having a go, and couldn’t resist a little turn ourselves, pinging out a rendition of ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’. Since I already had my PL cards out I just kept going with them and added some to bothe of the spreads for the 5th.12122014_3DD2014Day5 12122014_4DD2014Day5 12122014_5DD2014Day5The day was rounded out nicely listening to some family members sing at the local Rotary Club Street Party and Carols in the ‘liquid sunshine’ as one person put it – brollies were a must. Despite the rain we had a great time and caught up with a few friends, ate from the sausage sizzle and the boys even had a go on the jumping castle to round out the evening.  12122014_6DD2014Day5 12122014_7DD2014Day5For the journaling on the second half I just used the card design to dictate what was said. I could have added in a little more journaling if I had the space but it’s done now and I’m very much of the opinion that done is better than perfect in cases like this.

Have you got a go-to embellishment, that your working with at the moment?

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