December Daily 2014: Day Two & Three

It seems that my scrapbook mojo is actually working after all, it just need time to warm up. Day Two had me adding in a little dimension and speaking of warming up I even broke out the embossing equipment for my Day Three layout.

10122014_1DD2014Day2We’ve still got a bit of a post-calving fall out to deal with around here both in the house and the calf shed. It’s just a matter of things not being where they belong, cupboards in a state of disarray and even though the calves are in the paddock I’m yet to finish packing up the shed so it’s all ready to go next season (much to my husbands displeasure). Today was all about dealing with those niggling jobs that just need to get done – like sorting out the linen closet. With my family coming for Christmas I need to be able to find everything so no-ones left with out a set of sheets or heaven forbid – no towel. That could get a little scary in a house full of people. Yep I live in exciting times. 10122014_2DD2014Day2 Mind you it did provide enough entertainment for my boys. What is it with kids and pillows & blankets, or a cleared off shelf for that matter? You and I might see a bit of space or a pile of freshly laundered linens – they see a climbing frame and a jumping castle.

10122014_3DD2014Day2To put a little speed in my scrapping I used pre-made embellishments on this one and kept it really simple. Lay ’em out, stack ’em up and add a few pop dots and I was done. I did think twice about using one of those journaling cards but I’m really trying to train my brain to think that “there is no perfect layout”. Having it used is better than letting it lie.10122014_4DD2014Day3 I was all set to get crafty-with-it for my layout on the 3rd about the Christmas gifts I’m making, but we got treated to the most magnificent meal prepared by Jae Bin, that it just needed to be documented. The feast was in celebration of the fact that Chan Joo’s heading home to Korea for a little bit and that he’d be celebrating his birthday after he left. It consisted of a Korean dish which I’m informed is called Hemul pa jeon (a seafood pancake), an Italian pasta of Mushroom and Pesto and an amazing chicken dish of Jae Bin’s own imagination which as a whole seemed like an interesting pairing of flavours but totally worked. 10122014_5DD2014Day3And while my story may not have gone with a terribly crafty bent I did pull an eclectic mix of items together for my layout just like the meal. I wanted to get into some embossing and stamping starting with my photo mat and breaking into my long neglected collection of embossing folders. But because my mat was a tad to large for my Big Shot I got a little creative and used a rolling-pin over the embossing folder to get the design on my paper. It wasn’t perfect but it does the job. If you’ve got a braver I think that would be more effective just because of the distribution of pressure but I was working with what I had on hand and since I’m still on my Frozen 30 that’s still the name of the game. 10122014_6DD2014Day3I also went a little crazy with some embossing powder in Platinum. The lace stamp is lovely but clearly I need a little more practise when stamping directly on a layout. The wood grain under my main photo was far more effective so I repeated a little more embossing on the journaling block and circled the 3 on the bottom to denote the date and then finished of my run of embossing with a Heidi Swapp ‘Celebrate’ stamp on the bottom right. Looking at it here I think I might go back and add a little something on the wood grain, maybe a title or something, but I’m not sure yet.

What are you playing with at the moment that’s got your mojo running hot?


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