I Just Want to Stay Home & Make Pretty Things

19112014_2StayHomeAndMakePrettyThingsIt is so so true. I do just want to stay home and make pretty things and tell my story. I’m not sure I could have put it any better than Shimelle has in her collection for American Crafts. Aside from an obvious affinity for a similar colour palette of teal greens and pinks there is so much to love about all the little details in this collection, not least of which are the beautiful touches that celebrate the crafting/storytelling streak, in we scrapbookers, and that is exactly the direction I wanted to take with this layout. 19112014_1StayHomeAndMakePrettyThingsThe only things on here that aren’t from Shimelles collection are the teal Kaisercraft background the black striped patterned paper and the text print love hearts. Really though it was the “make pretty things” sticker that sparked this layout for me and the “tell my story” die cut just fit so well with the theme. I am such a home-body and there is no place more enjoyable for me to be in, than my scraproom. This year has been an especially wonderful part of my scrapbooking journey and I have spent a fair portion of my time in this space. I wanted this layout to sum up how I am feeling about this wonderful craft right now and hopefully catch some of the passion and excitement I still have for it. I have so much more I want to do and be as a scrapbooker but I am enjoying the process and growth that I’m going through at the moment. I just can’t ever see myself wanting to give up scrapbooking for all the wonderful things it adds to my life and I’m sure that in years to come I’ll enjoy looking back and seeing where I’ve come from.19112014_3StayHomeAndMakePrettyThings



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