Documenting December: Step 4 The Words

Now to the written part which for me is really the reason I scrapbook this or anything else. As part of my process for creating a December Daily I make sure I document each day as it happens into what I call my December Daily Log – basically a Word Document with a header for each of the days of the month up to the 25th. This is the space where I just free-write and dump out all the daily happenings and specific parts of the day I want to remember. Sometimes I spend 5 minutes, sometimes more depending on what has happened, how much time I have and how much I might need to vent or gush about the days events, but as a rule I try not to go to bed until it’s done. My December Daily lives or dies on my ability to keep up with the daily documentation in words and photos. It’s really important for me to get it down as it happens because even two days later I’ve forgotten things I want recorded.12112014_1DecemberDailyWordsDSP

I then refine what I want to actually write into my album in a separate document titled December Daily Journaling. This is where I write out what I actually want to say on the page. I have found in the past that this is an ideal way to process my thoughts before putting them in the album. Some people just write out each day directly onto their layout but for me I need a little bit of thinking time before I commit. There are various reason’s that I choose to do it this way. The first being that story is so hugely important to me. Some days are good days and some are bad days and I need a little breathing room to remove myself from the emotion of the day. I would rather give myself a few days grace if needed and gain a little perspective, before I put it all out there in ink for time and all eternity. Case in point is my 2012 album when I was going through five days of pre-labour I would rather not have journaled the intensity of my feelings at the time. Instead I chose to tell my story with some humour (found here), it still conveys the same ideas but has a much better delivery. 12112014_3DecemberDailyWordsMy December Daily Log helps me also to work out what direction I want the layout to take and what photos I want to use. For some days I may take few pictures, others I may take many and that means multiple stories. Using my December Daily Log I have at least some of the specifics for anything that happened that day. I can then choose between documenting one thing that I’ve photographed over another or go a completely different direction and talk of something else, like a tradition or story that has happened over time. This is where the December Daily Journaling differs from the Log. I can see from what I’ve written in the log where the stronger story lies, or even if there’s a story I want to tell there at all. If you’re a paper and pen kinda gal and want your own copy of either just click on the images below and print yourself a PDF, essentially though they’re the same document.


From there I format my journaling for printing. Most of the time I favour printed journaling in my December Daily Albums. I just find for a project of such intensity, that typed journaling allows much more freedom to change my text and manipulate my design to fit specific spaces. Depending on what kind of space allowance I have in my design my text usually takes one of three different forms. Block text – printed directly onto a piece of paper from my printer, Shaped Journaling – which I arrange in Photoshop and then print out for my layout, and Text on Photos – which as it suggest is text formatted directly onto my image for that day and then printed out on photo paper like I would any other photo. Occasionally as in the example above I’ll let something else do the talking for me like the comic strip.

How do you do the words for your December Daily? Are you a get-it-down-get-it-done type journaler or a planner like me?


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