Documenting December : Step 3 The Photos

Now that you know a bit about the beginnings of this years December Daily and how I plan each year I thought I would get into the nitty grittty of how I document my December. Obviously a huge part of my documentation is my photographs. My camera and I are almost inseparable for the month of December and everyone knows that they are fair game for photos at this time. I’m quick and direct about my picture taking and don’t overtly make a fuss of having a camera in someones face but I do tend to take pictures at this time of year that I may not usually at other times. For me the photography is as much about documenting the specifically seasonal things as it is about the everyday aspects of our life. Some of my favourite spreads over the years have been that day to day stuff that’s changed through the years like when my sons were babies learning new things, or my husband playing cricket for a now defunct team or David’s short-lived obsession with Lego Duplo.10112014_1DecemberDailyPhotos10112014_2DecemberDailyPhotos10112014_3DecemberDailyPhotosWhen it comes to editing & selection of my photos due to the sheer number I take I prefer to deal with them each day or two. I will upload to my computer and tag them as December Daily (insert year) upon import then spend 5 minutes going through and getting rid of the obviously bad ones right off the bat, at about the same time as I do my written documentation. Tagging them immediately numbers them all in sequence and makes it super easy for me to pull them up at a later time without wading through a mess of photos and most importantly keeps things managable by doing it in smaller chunks. If my story for the day is a pretty obvious one like “we went Christmas shopping” or “today’s the day we got our Christmas tree”, I’ll then think up a design and flick the photos I want to use into Photoshop. Then I let the editing begin, I can’t seem to minimize the number of photos I want on a layout even when doing December Daily so usually I do a quick edit on multiple images (adjusting levels, cropping, exposure) and once that’s done I re-size them and get them ready for printing.10112014_4DecemberDailyPhotosMy process after that is similar to my process for each album I make. Each year has it’s own December Daily album folder on my computer which is then split into three other folders: Design, Images & Jounaling. The Design folder consists of A4 sheets of photos I want to print for the album; the Images folder is a quick reference for any massively edited images that are very different from the original (tighter crop, converted to black & white, replaced someone’s head, ha ha) and for images I may source off the net; and the Jounaling is obviously the words for the project, for December Daily this is where I keep my December Daily Log and my December Daily Journaling which I’ll explain in my next post. Some years I may also include other things here as well such as my Embellishment folder for all my printables for my 2013DD or photo check lists or something similar depending on what and where I am being inspired by at the time.10112014_5DecemberDailyPhotosBecause I print mostly from home one of my pet peeves is wasting photo paper so I try to get as much out of each A4 sheet as I can, even to the point of coming up with layout designs because I can fit photos in leftover spaces on a Design page. For December Daily each Design page is pre-numbered eg DecemberDaily2013pg12. If I have Design pages with two or more days worth of photos on them I simply label them as such eg DecemberDaily2013pg12-13, for consecutive days or DecemberDaily2013pg12_16 for days that don’t follow on from one another but for which I can fit an image to suit my design. I find this makes it easier to locate photos for certain days if there’s a bit of lag time between printing images and the days events. Because it’s so visual it also helps me track what I’ve printed and what still needs to be done. When I’ve got a full page of prints then I’m ready to move onto getting things in my album.10112014_6DecemberDailyPhotosHow do you manage your photos for December Daily?   In my next post I’ll explain all about how I get the words prepped for December Daily with my December Daily Log and my December Daily Journaling documents.

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