Instagram Inspiration

Forever ago in IG terms (it was way back in August, ok) Stephanie Howell posted this to Instagram when I was deep in the throes of Super Stashbusters. While she saw enamel dots, I saw an awesome way to use up brads. But I let that piece of inspiration sit for a while before busting out the brads the other night when I finally got around to scrapping it with a little of my own unique flavour.07112014_1instagraminspirationI have zero enamel dots but brads & eyelets… those I have in abundance. What I thought was great about Stephanie’s sheet of dots was that they were randomly placed and incorporated different sizes, which meant when I pulled from my own stash I took a fair bite out of a few different colours and sizes of brads. The eyelets on the other hand are still in abundance. I think it was the whole cute factor that meant I “had to” accumulate so many containers of a thousand tiny eyelets, in multiple colours, but they sure do look purrty on a page. Note to self though if you’ve got a bunch of these ans want to use them up too – put them on first. I put my larger brads in position and then tried to put the tiny eyelets in between. There’s quite a bit of height difference between the two and the paper tore in places, while I was hammering away. But that’s just how things go somedays so I’m going to embrace the imperfection and just roll with it. Interesting fact: those pink ones do tend to show up on my layouts more than any other colour since I live in a house of blokes I think that’s a pretty good effort to break out the girly.07112014_2instagraminspiration07112014_3instagraminspirationYou know I just had to sneak a little Heidi in too. The love title is one from her Gold Foil Value Kit and was a perfect fit to mimic the scripted word on my inspiration piece, and whats more perfect than a wedding layout to use it on.

Have you caught on to the Instagram craze? I blame it on Stacy, BPC and the NSD10k but I am so hooked.

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