Frozen 30

A while ago I was following one of the threads on the Paperclipping Forums and someone mentioned that she was doing a Frozen 100 challenge to make 100 layouts before buying new product. My first thought was WOW, my second was how have I never heard of this before, closely followed by, maybe I should do that. I’m not exactly a product junkie at the best of times and my recent affection for Heidi Swapp Project Life kits and Shimelle’s collection of new goodies is about as trendy as I’ve been for five years, still the challenge entices me. Another excuse to use what I love, well why not: the thing is I’m just not sure about that number…03112014_1Frozen30

Starting the month of November I’m going to challenge myself to do a Frozen 30 instead. My next 30 layouts will only use supplies that I already have, that includes my December Daily if I’ve not hit the target by the end of the month. While I like the idea of a Frozen 100 and heaven knows I have enough product to do it I just don’t know that I could stick at it for more than a month. It’ll be pretty easy not to get enticed by scrapping shops since the closest one is a couple of hours away and I don’t really buy much online either so that won’t be a problem, my downfall might be targeted emails & Instagram though. I’ll have to keep all that immediate gratification inspiration in check, and lovely people suggesting lovely product especially at this time of year because clearly my desire to use up some stash is not going away anytime soon. Oh and I’m including classes in this too. No scrappy shopping of any kind for the next 30 layouts.

Who knows if all goes well I might even extend it to a Frozen 50 and I’m still leaving myself open to a Frozen 100 if the month goes really, really well. I’ll review once the 30 are in my albums. So here’s what I’m thinking: one of my goals early in the year as far as scrapping goes was to finish a bunch of layouts for projects that I’ve started and not finished. While I’ve made a dent in them I’m not sure I’ve really maximized things in this area. At the beginning of the month I want to focus on just general scrapping but towards the end I want to get myself in the holiday groove and maybe get some layouts finished for any outstanding December Daily albums that just aren’t quite there. Mostly that’ll be for my 2013 album. I’m hoping that I’ll work out some kinks before I get into December and find my flow before the month gets underway. My philosophy for this as for most stuff will be an ‘it all counts’ one, if it gets finished this month, it goes towards the total. I’m hoping that keeping clear goals will help me out in extending the process.

Ever tried a Frozen Scrap Challenge?

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