Documenting December: Step 2 Kit

I thought I’d share a little bit about how I put together my December Daily using my 2013 album as an example. Most years it follows a very similar path from conception to completion and generally speaking it gets the job done. Today I’m going to share with you my Planning Process. Each year I start with a general theme for my Christmas celebrations and often, but not always that will filter into my December Daily, some years it’s a colour combination, other years it has a specific focus. For 2010 my theme was Navy Blue & Red, 2011 was Sparkle, Shimmer & Shine, 2012 was Vintage Christmas, and 2013 I went with A Blue Christmas. For 2014 my theme is Handcrafted Holiday. The theme can relate simply to the decorations I choose or as is the case, this year, go as far as my choice of gifts. I might also choose to have a specific focus for my album in place of or in addition to the theme as well. For example my 2011 album didn’t include too much sparkle but was all about the photos, I started most spreads with a single large photo and then chose to add additional photos & journaling on the facing page. For 2012 I moved away from my usual A4 size and went with 12×12 because I was having a baby in the middle of all the festivities and really wanted to capture that year in a bit of a special way. My 2013 album is all about playing with different page formats & printable’s most of which I found via Pinterest.31102014_1ItPaysToHaveAPlanOnce I have my theme in mind I go about collecting supplies that will support it. All my Christmas themed items live year round in a small portable scrapbooking tote, should I need to cart them with me on holiday or off somewhere for the day they’re easy to grab and I just throw in scissors & double-sided tape in and I’m good to go. Starting with my stash first I pull out other items to support from there. This includes background papers, ribbon, non-themed embellishments I want to use and anything else that takes my fancy. This is kitted up into a ziplock bag & kept together with the Christmas items in my tote. From there I decide if there’s anything that I have a burning desire to purchase to complete my kit. Most years it’s been one or two items, in 2012 it was a bunch of items from a collection, it just really depends on budget & what I’ve got on hand, but I generally like to shop my stash first.31102014_2ItPaysToHaveAPlanI don’t have any hard and fast rules about adding or subtracting from my kit but I like to get most of the thinking out of the way first up and provide some boundaries to proceed from. It just makes the whole process a lot clearer and easier for me when it comes to crafting pages. With my paper choices selected I then go about forming my foundation pages and just have fun moving papers around until they feel like they’re in an appealing order. If my paper selection is from 12×12’s I cut them down to size and add the leftover paper strips to my kit. For December Daily I prefer nude pages most of the time so I don’t put them in page protectors. Depending on whether they’re in an album or a book of my own construction my next step is to get out the hole punch and assemble the book, ready for documenting. This year is the first year that I’ve actually added the numbers at the beginning, usually I like having the freedom to move pages around just in case they don’t go with that days photos or don’t fit the number of photos I want to include.31102014_3ItPaysToHaveAPlan31102014_4ItPaysToHaveAPlan 31102014_5ItPaysToHaveAPlan 31102014_6ItPaysToHaveAPlanI find that December Daily is a bit of a balancing act between giving myself the head-space to prepare so I don’t over think everything and giving myself enough freedom and flexibility to change my mind as I’m actually putting it together. To that end I really don’t embellish my foundation pages much. I want to be able to decide on my design when I know how many photos I want to use and how big or small a story I want to tell for that day. The next step in the process for me is the documentation part and I’ll share that with you in my next post. Do you have a method to creating your December Daily?

4 thoughts on “Documenting December: Step 2 Kit

  1. Your blog is so lovely. I read thru the last few posts and your tag layout is amazing. I don’t do Dec Daily. I’m presently wrapping up my first WITL and will take me several weeks to assemble the album. I loved your ideas and the Kaisercraft collection you chose is perfect. Love the papers. Thanks for sharing, good luck with it and enjoy your holidays. Michelle t

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