Documenting December: Step 1 Prep

If you are a fan of Ali Edwards you would probably be aware that she is using this week to document her annual project called Week in the Life, you might also know if you’ve been hanging around for a few years that this is generally about the time that she prepares another of her annual projects December Daily. So while her focus might be elsewhere for the moment mine is firmly on December Daily. December Daily has been inspiring me ever since it’s inception for her Studio AE column back in the days at CK, although I didn’t begin doing my own annual DD album until 2010. That still means this will be my 5th December Daily which if your asking me is a pretty good effort. I love the concept of both her Day in the Life & Week in the Life projects but December Daily is really where it’s at for me and to my mind it kind of incorporates as much daily/weekly happenings as I’m prepared to focus on for a concentrated amount of time (albeit for a specific time of year). That right there is part of what I find so appealing about Scrapbooking – taking someone else’s ideas and making them all my own, so they work for my own unqiue circumstances. This year that means keeping things super simple. 29102014_1aDecemberDailyDoubleUp

I have recently begun prepping for my 2014 December Daily and in addition to this, essentially doubling up and using the same time to attempt to complete my 2013 album. I managed to kit up my supplies for last year including a massive about of printables (thank you Pinterest) which you can find here. But the wheels fell off that one somewhere after the first week, which may or may not have been because I was preoccupied organizing things for a 60th Birthday Party and a 1st Birthday at the same time and hosting a bunch of family. Usually my December Daily making extends into the new year too but that was also taken up creating invites for my brothers wedding and I just never got back to it.  I’m really hoping that with good planning and some work ahead of time that I won’t burn out and fizzle on the whole thing and happily get them both completed. However I also make no promises,  if all else fails I am fully prepared to just concentrate on this year because I really want to be able to enjoy the season as well. In my favour is the fact that I have been consistently able to maintain some form of daily documentation for the month of December in the form of Words+Photos (the whole underpinning of the project) throughout the years and therefore have the basis for each of my pages already. What my 2013 album lacks is pulling it altogether and doing the creative work (aka the fun part). For now lets see a few more of the very basic foundation pages for my 2014 album.29102014_2DecemberDailyDoubleUp

Although for the rest of the year I work in 12×12 for December Daily I favour and A4 sized album. Not entirely sure why but I think maybe a smaller canvas size helps keep things tighter when I’m working day by day. My design choices for this year mean sticking to a single collection, Kaisercraft’s Yueltide Collection, and using one 12×12 paper pad as the base for my book. For each day I am doing a double page spread with most of them using a single pattern as the background. To maximize the collection however additional pages have been made up using the off-cuts from three separate designs and one (see above) due to the text has been cut down the middle. I am numbering each spread with stickers from the 2012 Kaisercraft release Twig & Berry by sticking them down the side to act as tabs.  29102014_3DecemberDailyDoubleUp

Heres a closer look at the collection.29102014_4DecemberDailyDoubleUp

What are your plans for December Daily?

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