1,800 Tags

Yep at one point I actually bought a box that has, get this, 1,800 tag options. It’s a K & Company Tags to Go box and while they are so very, very cute, that number is a little overwhelming. Seriously who needs 1,800 tags and why oh why have I been holding on to them all for so long. Natalie Elphinstone recently posted as a guest designer for Society 52 on instagram with an amazing layout featuring tags . I was totally blown away by it. So blown away that I decided I needed to scraplift it and in light of Supplies on Hand take to my tag stash with fervor. (She also wrote a post on her blog if you care to see her layout and read the back story). But here’s my take on it.24102014_1_1800TagsI managed to get 35 of the largest tags from my K & Company box on here and only kept twelve that I really love and can actually see myself using on other layouts (five more were cut from patterned paper). Another of the reasons I found Natalie’s layout so delightful was that she used the price tags that you can find in any old newsagency around the country, generally they’re bought for pricing things at garage sale and the like, but I’m guessing just like Nat I bought mine with scrapbooking in mind. I believe mine are the next size down from hers but nevertheless I ended up getting 56 of those little beauties on too. By combining both not only did I get a lovely layout but I dwindled my tag stash by a fairly significant number. 24102014_2_1800TagsHeidi Swapp & Shimelle Laine provided the perfect complement to all those tags. I used a 3×4 card from the Gold Foil edition of Project Life to house my title and cut up the diamond-shaped embellishments from the same kit to form little paper planes. Shimelle’s collection provided the sticker for my title and a few diecuts just made it really sing. In hindsight I wish I’d used a different colour to journal in but sometimes that’s just how it goes.24102014_3_1800Tags 24102014_4_1800TagsWho’s inspiring you at the minute, care to share a recent scraplift you made your own?

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