When it Just Works

You know when you get an idea in your head and then you go to scrapbook it and it just works. Well this was one of those rare times. Most of the time when I envision a layout the final product looks nothing like what I imagined in my head and takes me on all sorts of scrappy detours but this time I kept pretty much to it and I think it may have even turned out better than I imagined. I love the linear nature of the stitched lines with the combination of crisp white and coloured circles and since white backgrounds seem to be a current favourite, which I’m sure has to do with my Scrappy Crush on Ashli Oliver, I wanted to go with something that was visually interesting but not distracting. 20102014_1WhenItJustWorksIn keeping with my other flavour of the month of using what I have I used scraps only for my coloured circles and kept the palette in similar tones of blue and green. (You might notice I used some of them from a recent project.) I also delved into my stash of older items again and used the green glossy word stickers (circa 2004) and some tags from a pack by K&Company (circa 2006) that has, get this, over 1800 tags in it. Seriously who needs that many tags – apparently me. Another thing I can’t seem to keep away from is using project life supplies in traditional layouts. There are so many great designs out there that I can’t let all the Project Lifers/Pocket Scrappers have all the fun. 20102014_4WhenItJustWorks20102014_3WhenItJustWorks20102014_2WhenItJustWorksBut seriously I am really, really loving those circles. They were made by layering two of each design on top of one another and after stitiching them down on some lightly marked pencil lines the top circle was folded along the stitching to raise up the edge a little and get that gorgeous dimension.

What is in you current tool box of favourite techniques or design ideas?

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