Throwback Friday

If your anything like me you will have at one point, if not still, gotten most of your scrappy inspiration from magazines. It is one of my great disappointments as a scrapbooker that Creating Keepsakes no longer exists but I am still an avid user of my past issues of both it and other great Aussie publications like Scrapbooking Memories and Scrapbook Creations. I use them almost every time I scrapbook to give me a little spark of inspiration and start the scrappy ideas swirling in my brain. This one is a layout I shared on instagram a little while ago inspired by a layout I found in an old issue of CK and just to prove that great design never goes out of style I’ve done a pretty close scraplift of it. I’d love to see if you can guess who’s page it is without reading the name. If not be sure to check out what she’s doing now right here.17102014_1ThrowbackFridayThis is my take on that lovely design. I swapped out the flowers for buttons and dove into my stash of embossing folders which was a bit of fun. It’s a pretty clean design but even this many years down the track the design and techniques used still translates really well. Both the theme of my layout and the manner in which it came about are reminders to seek out inspiration and take opportunities to embrace it where you find it.

What inspires you?


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