Scrappy Crush: Ashli Oliver

08102014_1ScrappyCrushAshliOliverI’ve heard her speak on the Papperclipping Roundtable. I’ve seen her around scrappy circles online and I can spot Ashli Oliver’s style subconsciously from her scraps before I even realize they’re hers. But why oh why has it taken me so long to discover her amazing talent. I am by no means a mixed media scrapper, I barely use spray mist and acrylic paint while she is a super star of the brush and mixed media and I don’t think our styles could be any different if we tried but I love, love, love, Ashli’s layouts.  If you haven’t checked out Purple Mailbox and the lovely creations of Ashli Oliver (aka soapHOUSEmama) run don’t walk over there and discover them for yourself.  More than I love her layouts I am even more in love with her fun no pressure, go-with-what-ya-got attitude to scrapbooking.

Watching Ashli’s videos and reading her blog you get the sense that even when things don’t go to plan it’s just another creative opportunity for Ashli. I love the fact that when she doesn’t love a layout she simply cuts it up and takes the parts she does like and then finds a work around to use that on another page. She is one of the main contributors along with May for Supplies on Hand and I have seen her time and again take elements I would never think of and add in a lovely little twist that always produced outstanding results.

Part of what I really think works for her is limiting her supplies. Time and again in the Supplies on Hand videos she mentioned “This is my entire collection of rub-ons/ stickers/insert item here”. Having a capped pool of supplies allows her to know exactly what she’s got and use it all up. Now wouldn’t that be nice to do. From where I stand I can only hope to someday have as much control over my scrapbooking stash.

She has been wonderfully inspiring in Supplies on Hand and taught us all a thing or two about how to add our own unique spin on how we use our supplies.

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